Hump Day Thoughts On Sports & Stuff – 3/5/14

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Hey people – Steve here.

Mushy stuff alert. On behalf of everyone at CineSportsTalk, I want to say how grateful I am over the great amount of support we have received. I especially want to thank SOUTH FLORIDA for coming out to our screenings and showing support through Facebook and Twitter! You guys are amazing!

Now that I got that out of the way…let’s get on with this HUMP DAY article.

NBA MVP Battle


What a battle we have setting up for the MVP of the NBA this year. Over the last 10 games, Lebron James and Kevin Durant are within a couple of points, rebounds and assists of each other. Durant has been absurd over the last few weeks. Lebron just dropped 61 on the Bobcats (who just had 62 dropped on them by Carmelo Anthony) and is trying to win yet ANOTHER MVP. It remains to be seen if he can do it or not, but you can never count Lebron out. The question has been raised of whether or not the league is bored of giving the award to Lebron. It has felt a bit automatic for Lebron and the MVP award to be linked, but this year feels a little different. I said a little. The Heat are about 2 things right now. Catching the Pacers and getting home-court in the playoffs and getting the king crowned once again.

Side note – my Knicks are still awful. Great job gathering yourselves after the All-Star break.

The Oscars


Slow sports week so let’s get into the Oscars. I don’t really feel as though they got anything wrong. For the most part, there were no nominees that I felt really shouldn’t have any business being there. The drought continues for Leo. I feel bad for him..but then again he can buy anything he wants and NEVER wakes up having to worry about money. Other than that I feel for the guy. He is an unbelievably talented actor and can’t sniff an award! I HATED The Beach, but he won me over when I finally saw Titanic a few years after it came out. The guy is a genius and deserves one someday. 12 Years a Slave? Outstanding movie and a must see for everyone. It had every right to win best picture. Then we have the goat of the evening. American Hustle – 75 nominations (Ok…exaggerating just a bit) and zero awards. I still think it was a great movie.

I thought Ellen was great. The pizza portion was hilarious. The pizza delivery guy? $1,000 tip? Not bad for a few minutes of work.



You all know baseball is my sport. Spring training is in full swing (pun intended) and Curtis Granderson is hitting bombs for the Mets. All of that equates to Steve being a very happy man. Now, if the Mets go out and do what Sandy Alderson says it attainable and win 90 games then this guy will be extremely excited and will probably be annoying on Facebook. I’m not used to it. I’m sorry. I am very excited about the way the Mets have been able to build the team and get their minor league system from 28th overall just a few years ago to 6th overall. That is some accomplishment by Sandy Alderson. Even though they are spending like the Kansas City Royals I really am proud of how the team has been built from the ground up again. The have the farm system of an actual low budget team, but if they need to turn on the spending they can thanks to a refinanced loan. It’s time to get excited about the New York Mets.

With that, I’m going to put this Hump Day article in the books! Enjoy your week and I will be back next HUMP DAY!