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Hump Day Thoughts On Sports & Stuff – 4/9/14

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Hey people. Steve here with your Hump Day Thoughts on Sports & Stuff.

Do you know that the video above has been viewed 21,153,550 as of me writing this sentence. That shows you how immature we all are. We have sat there over 21 MILLION times and we have watched a talking camel walking around an office asking humans what day it is. That’s absurd. That being said…I absolutely love it.

Let’s move on…

First 2 Weeks of the Baseball Season

We have seen some weird things happen. We have seen multiple runners coming home and just not sliding because they don’t want to barrel into the catcher and be called out or be fined for it. I’m OK with that new rule as I think it will cut down on some nasty injuries that we have seen over the last several years. We have also seen instant replay take effect. It has worked out well because it has resulted in plays being called correctly (and the Mets are 2/2 in challenges) and it is only taking about 90 seconds or so to review the plays on average. You have to love the fact that the umps can take the time to get things right. The bad part? Massive arguments between the umps and managers will drop dramatically. Oh well.

NBA Action

How do you think the fans of the Phoenix Suns (and the team itself) feels about the fact that the team is 46-31 and fighting for the 8th seed in the West, but if they were in the East they would be fighting for the 3rd seed. That would anger me. What actually angers me is that the Knicks a game and a half out of that 8th seed in the East and very likely to miss the playoffs. That boggles my mind. What a drop-off from their 54 win season a year ago. Their remaining schedule? The Raptors, Bulls, Nets, Raptors. All playoff teams that are trying to improve their position. Good Luck. The ONLY reason why they might still have a chance is that they are chasing the Hawks. They have been awful. The Hawks remaining schedule? The Celtics (tonight and they are winning), Nets, Heat, Bobcats and Bucks. Let’s see just how bad the Hawks are.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Rolling Stone


So. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine that hits news stands a little later on this month. The Seinfeld and Veep star is 53 years old and decided to pose nude for the magazine with a full back tattoo of the US Constitution. There seems to be a major flaw in the tattoo though. See that signature right above her butt dimples? That is the signature of one John Hancock. There’s only one problem, however: John Hancock didn’t sign the U.S. Constitution. Julia made light of the situation by taking to Twitter:

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.08.47 PM

It’s all good Elaine. Shouldn’t we be blaming this all on Rolling Stone? I mean Julia must have been in a drunken stupor (or so she says) to get this tattoo (yes I know it is fake). It’s on her back people…she can’t even see what it says! Funny stuff.

The Ultimate Warrior

I’m going to end this one on a sad note. The Ultimate Warrior  passed away last night in Scottsdale, Arizona. While the cause of death is not yet known, his death comes on the heals of 3 straight appearances on WWE television. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday evening, made an appearance at Wrestlemania 30 and then appeared on WWE Raw on Monday night where he was able to speak to his fans for one last time. It is crazy to think that after all those years of Warrior vs WWE and Vince McMahon, that he came back for those 3 nights and now he is gone. Monday night he looked tired and drained but it looked as though he was pushing himself. He put on the jacket and the mask and he shook the ropes and spoke as if it was 25 years ago. Maybe he pushed himself too much this weekend, but that is how The Ultimate Warrior always was. It just makes you think that you can’t take life for granted or any of the people in your life for granted because they could be taken from you in an instant. Here are the last videos of the Warrior on WWE television:

Hall of Fame Speech (Half)

WWE Raw Appearance

See you guys next week!