Hump Day Thoughts on Sports & Stuff – 8/27/14

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Hey all. Steve here wishing you a very happy HUMP DAY! This week Hump Day is not actually Hump Day for me. I decided that Labor Day weekend was a great time to get away and head out on a cruise. It’s nothing fancy. A 3 night trip to the Bahamas. I go from one place that has a temperature reading of hell to another with the same reading. Ah, to be on the high seas. It’s fun. If you have never been on a cruise before it is time you take the leap. Not off of the ship, but you know what I’m saying. It’s the best of all worlds. You are on the ship which is the hotel, you have all you can eat food all over the place and all of your entertainment is built in to the price! You can’t get any better than that! Add to it that nobody can contact you and you are what feels like light-years away from work and stress and you have the perfect situation. Before I went away I needed to talk to all 6 of my Hump Day fans so here we go!

Josh Gordon’s Suspension Upheld

Josh Gordon learned today that he will miss 16 games thanks to another violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Gordon led all receivers last year with 1,646 yards. That was while missing 2 games for his last suspension. This guy has all the talent in the world and just can’t follow the rules. Gordon and his group had already appealed the suspension in hopes of getting it reduced. The next step? Nobody is really sure what is going to happen, but there is a potential for a lawsuit to be filed by Gordon against the NFL. The entire fantasy football world (including Scott) is hoping that Gordon still somehow plays this season while a potential lawsuit is going on. Time will tell, but in the meantime, check out this great tweet sent by my good friend Scotty P:

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.53.36 PM

A 9-Year-Old at a Shooting Range

I’m going to touch on a very serious topic here. How is it possible that 9-year-old is even allowed to shoot a gun at all? This girl that killed her instructor was allowed to shoot an Uzi submachine gun! Are you kidding me?? Now this instructor is dead and this poor 9-year-old girl is going to have to live with this accident for the rest of her life and it is all because her parents didn’t have the sense to NOT allow her to shoot a gun in the first place. Of course there are those gun owners that are actually defending the practice of letting children use firearms and brilliantly pointed out that it is legal. Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it is an intelligent thing to do. It just amazes me what these parents have done to their child. Take a look at what is written on the website of the tour company that allows this kind of thing to happen:

“Shoot a wide variety of fully automatic machine and belt fed guns including the AK-47, Colt M-16, MP5/40, FN FAL, Bren, M4, M249, M60, PKM, and M203 Grenade Launcher.”

Umm…a grenade launcher? I can’t understand it. Poor girl.

Billy Crystal’s Tribute to Robin Williams

I still can’t believe Robin Williams is gone. What a great man that brought joy to so many people. I hope you were in a position to watch the tribute on Monday night at the Emmy’s. I thought it was too short, but Billy Crystal was right on with everything that he said. I obviously didn’t know Robin Williams, but you could just feel that everything that Crystal was saying was true. The man was great from his stand up routines, to his movies to his visits to help support our troops. If you haven’t seen it yet here is the Billy Crystal tribute (I don’t know how he did not cry, although his voice cracked several times) and that is followed by another tribute in which we get to see Robin Williams visiting our troops. Enjoy.

Madden 15 Glitch

I need to leave on a lighter note, so here it is. The new version of the Madden football game came out on Tuesday. It is an outstanding game and really makes you feel as though you are in the game. There is one big problem. Sometimes a player will step on a minefield and launch about 30 feet in the air and travel about 15 yards. If you don’t believe me, you can watch it yourself. Enjoy your holiday weekend and I will talk to you guys next week!