It’s Mock Draft Time With The Sportz Nutt!

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Okay, so it’s a Saturday night, and you know what that means? It’s time for some fantasy baseball mock draft analysis! YES!!!!! Oy vay. Look, my wife is working all weekend, my buddies are all out of the country with their significant others or on dates, and we have three kids to take care of; so lay off me. While everyone else in the world is out at about, I’m upstairs eating pretzels and drinking Coke Zero while I write this……for all of you! So, without further delay, I present a live mock draft for fantasy baseball.

I’m going to enter into a 10 teamer this time, so that I can concentrate on the bigger names and their values. I will try to pick either at the beginning, the end of a round, or directly in the middle. Let’s have a look…..okay, I’m selecting 5th. Not too bad. I won’t be picking a pitcher in the first couple of rounds, but I would like to target an ace in the 3rd or 4th rounds, depending on how they fall. I also like to fill in those hard to find positions of minimal depth, such as 3B, 2B and SS earlier than later, so perhaps a top tier guy at each spot will be my route. I always love seeing guys fill in their rosters with unproven players or talent that was good a year or two ago. That’s how I know that I made the right call early on, because OF and SP are always loaded with talent.

Alright we are 2 minutes away from kickoff, and I see that ranked 5th overall is…….Clayton Kershaw. DAMN. I don’t want him this early, and the next few players aren’t as sexy as they once were in CarGo, Davis and Harper. However, Hanley is 8th… that a reach? Possibly. We shall see what happens. I have no idea how I’m going to type and pick, by the way. This could be a disaster. I’m starting to regret this. Maybe I should have gone out alone. Maybe I should be in bed. Maybe I should watch a movie…..okay here goes!

Round 1:

Orders going as predicted. My turn is up and I don’t want him. But you know what, I will test out my strategy and go with Kershaw. Let’s see what happens here. Harper went right after me, so perhaps a reach for him COULD have been a better call. We shall see. Adrian Beltre goes 9th…..readers, don’t do that unless you’re in a league with me. Why do I get the feeling Ben Zobrist and Martin Prado will be my Middle IF spots?!?!

Round 2:

Edwin Encarnacion taken…..again, see Beltre. With my 2nd pick, I ended up with Tulo. Not very happy, but not upset. It’s a thin position to fill and I got him in the 2nd round. Could do worse. BTW, Albert Pujols taken right before me. Apparently my van turned into a DeLorian. Wow, Joey Votto taken end of round 2….times have changed.

Round 3:

As it stands, I’m set to take Longoria, which ain’t at all bad. Holy crap, I could go with David Wright too. Or any 2B not named Cano…..readers, what would you have done here. I took someone who is usually off of my boards and went with David Wright. He’s a potential 20/20 guy, who, if healthy, gives me BA too. Again readers, what should I have done? Nobody else reaching here, until Buster Posey is selected. Why reach at catcher?!?!?!

Round 4:

Ryan Zimmerman taken immediately. This is why we do mocks my friends…..practise and repetition makes perfect. I might get a top tier 2B still, but I see my fantasy man crush for 2014, so I hope he’s still there. Let’s see how this plays out with 3 picks before me. Kipnis just went, there’s one. Pedroia gone, there’s two…..but my man crush is still there. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I took Jose Fernandez here. I now have a dominant 1-2 punch at SP. Time for some power hitting next round. Jay Bruce or Choo would look awfully nice in my lineup. Ah, Choo gone…..excuse me! Hmmmm, what to do?

Round 5:

Everyone I wanted in my spot is gone, and I had 2 minutes to pick. I looked at Matt Carpenter for 2B, Allen Craig for 1B, but ultimately went with Starling Marte, and I have to say, I’m not really happy with it. I know I’ll get lots of speed, but I still don’t have much power yet. I’ll need it at 1B to help me out. Lots of pitching is going now, which normally would be for me, but I’m okay with the Strikeout Kings. Our first closer was taken in Kimbrel. I’ll wait until much later for saves.

Round 6:

My feeling of Zobrist is gone as he gets taken immediately in the 6th. Phew. I see a player I really like and I think I’m going after him. He had a sophomore slump last season, but he’ll get 30+ HR this year. Please be there…… we go and…….YES! Yoenis Cespedes is mine. 30/10 perhaps? Love him over Rios who was taken right before me. Wow, David Price in the 6th is solid in my books. Same with Ian Kinsler.

Round 7:

Our 2nd closer is gone, as is Hosmer. Not many great 1B left, and Wil Myers goes right before me…..that was my next pick. So I will go with someone I instantly regretted taking because I THINK I could have waited a round…..Carlos Santana. He will be a C, 1B, 3B, so there is some flexibility there.

Round 8:

I spent the rest of Round 7 and beginning of Round 8 typing, I didn’t notice it was my turn, so for my next pick, I scrounged around and got Mark Trumbo. He’ll give me a ton of power, but I wanted a better 1B later in the draft. Maybe I can still get him and slot Trumbo in my OF. He will start strong and I can then trade him. Wait, this is a mock draft. Wait, I should be paying attention to what’s going on.  Players from every position are going, as there’s not run for anything.

Round 9:

I get my 2B in Altuve and get some speed and BA back. I now have Santana, Trumbo, Altuve, Wright, Tulo, Marte, Cespedes on offense. Decent enough, but could be better. I think I need some SP and RP now. Will look to see what I can do there. I do see some solid pitching available. Readers, I could go with Tanaka or Cobb, both of which I am high on. Either way, I’ll be happy. Please someone take one of them…..and yes, Cobb is gone.

Round 10:

Graderson, Gordon and Minor gone, and now it’s me….Tanaka it is. I can afford a bit of a risk since my other SP are so good.  Some other good players gone now too in Shields, Nathan and hahaha Prado!!!

Round 11:

I reached a bit here, but I did get a very under-rated RP in Glen Perkins. Folks, if you need saves and you want them cheap, go for one of the most consistent pitchers out there.

Round 12:

Billy Butler’s first bad season in years gets him demoted to the 11th round?!?!? Wow. As we approach my turn, I don’t necessarily see much out there for impact, but THIS is where the leagues are won. So with that in mind, I will select Brian McCann. Hahaha, okay, not a game changer, but I can put Santana at 1B, Trumbo to OF.  My favorite player heading into last season, Starlin Castro, goes at the end of the 12th….how the mighty have fallen.

13th Round:

Danny Salazaar is gone. A sleeper for most, don’t get too hyped up, as he hasn’t had a full workload yet. Don’t overpay for him. That being said, he was my next pick. So I will take David Robertson, and now have about 75 saves in RP thus far. I usually punt this position, and when you’re playing H2H, you can get away with it. Kyle Seager is gone, and he will be a blessing for owners this year. He gets better and better. I see who I want next pick, and I will take him if he’s there.

14th Round:

Jered Weaver gone…..PLEASE don’t draft this guy. His fastball has dropped considerably, and until he works on his mechanics to locate better, he’s not going to fool anyone. Okay, one more pick and he’s mine. He’s a rookie, he’s a 1B and he’s going to (hopefully) be a stud. YES! Jose Abreu! The balls in Chicago travel well in the summer heat, and I think he’ll hit 25+. Okay, time for some pitching.

15th Round:

So many young pitchers I want to take, and, honestly, I will need to do some better research before I do make my picks, but for today’s purposes, I will go with AJ Burnett. He’ll get me a ton of K’s and keep the WHIP down. I think I’m solid with my pitching, but could use some wins. Next round for sure.

16th Round:

I lied. I went for hitting to round out my starting lineup. I didn’t want a starter to be weak, so I went with a solid BA and a guy with some upside after a poor year on a poor team in Howie Kendrick. Pitching for sure next round(s). I promise.

17th Round:

Took a young pitcher who will hopefully do extremely well, since he’s on my AL-Only Dynasty League, and that’s Sonny Gray. My next pick will be Justin Masterson if he’s available.

18th Round:

Some value there in Victor Martinez, especially if he has catcher eligibility. You could do a lot worse as your 18th pick. Clay Buchholz was taken right before me, and would have been very intriguing. I just wish he could stay consistently healthy. I did take Masterson though, as he will only get better. I could use another closer soon.

19th Round:

I’m going to gamble here and take Neftali Feliz as my 3rd closer. Not bad with a 19th round selection. When I get to my bench is the time to go for high upside.

20th Round:

Adam Eaton, the Spring Training darling of years past is now all mine! Hahaha, okay, he won’t be a stud, but he’s in Chicago where the balls travel well, like I said (or is that what she said?). Here’s to both Eaton and Abreu doing well. I’m going to with someone that is well rounded for my next pick.

21st Round:

Ubaldo Jiminez is gone, and that’s a great pick in the 21st round. Well done. And then Aramis Ramirez too. Slow clap getting faster. Chris Tillman and then Dexter Fowler (my pick). Time to scrounge. Wow, I hate everyone listed above, so I went down and down and down and went with Brad Miller, as I’ve been reading on some sites that he is a breakout player, so we’ll see. Two picks to go.

22nd Round:

I’ve always loved beaches, so I took Beachy. No, seriously, he’s got the talent, is recovered and could produce. Again, high upside. I’m tired now, but only have one more pick. Here goes……..

23rd round:

The rookie Nick Castellanos! A future stud, right? We’ll see.

So, here’s my team. Tell me what you think? Well rounded? Too heavily weighted in some categories? Did I miss out on an opportunity? Let me know.


  1. Clayton Kershaw (LAD – SP)
    2. Troy Tulowitzki (Col – SS)
    3. David Wright (NYM – 3B)
    4. José Fernández (Mia – SP)
    5. Starling Marte (Pit – OF)
    6. Yoenis Céspedes (Oak – OF)
    7. Carlos Santana (Cle – C,1B)
    8. Mark Trumbo (Ari – 1B,OF)
    9. José Altuve (Hou – 2B)
    10. Masahiro Tanaka (NYY – SP)
    11. Glen Perkins (Min – RP)
    12. Brian McCann (NYY – C)
    13. David Robertson (NYY – RP)
    14. José Abreu (CWS – 1B)
    15. A.J. Burnett (Phi – SP)
    16. Howie Kendrick (LAA – 2B)
    17. Sonny Gray (Oak – SP)
    18. Justin Masterson (Cle – SP)
    19. Neftali Feliz (Tex – RP)
    20. Adam Eaton (CWS – OF)
    21. Brad Miller (Sea – 2B,SS)
    22. Brandon Beachy (Atl – SP)
    23. Nick Castellanos (Det – OF)

And there you have it.