J.NARDO Says WONDER WOMAN Will Captivate You.

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The evolution of the comic book film has been a significant one. What was once nichy and kitschy, are now more coveted than your typical Oscar winner. We’ve seen significant characters come to life on the big screen, some time and time again, *cough cough* Spider-Man, and it has opened doors to a new audience that far extends the already established comic book reader. With that said, why has it taken so long for a film to feature a lead character to be a female? Yes, the comic industry has been scrutinized, as many forms of media, to overly sexualize females and basically made sure that though they are fighting crime, they are doing so in next to nothing costumes. However, that doesn’t bother me one bit. I want my heroic females to be larger than life, even if it’s in the chest area, and almost taboo. I don’t care to see a heroin in a tasteful pants suit, at least not in my comic movies. So when I heard that I was to get the 1st lady of justice herself, one of the most pivotal characters in DCU, finally get a chance to live, I was ecstatic. She may have not been my favorite but what she represented was enough. When I heard it was going to be Gal Gadot portraying her, I wanted to vomit. Really? The fucking Fast and Furious chick? She’s too skinny, she can’t act, and she in no way shape or form can handle a role such as the Amazonian princess,  Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta! Casting aside her role in Batman V. Superman (which I was lukewarm about), I went to see Wonder Woman with the highest of defense walls and biggest reservations about the actress and the already muddy waters surrounding DC films. I had the expectations of being right about all the wrongs in the movie. God damn was I put in my place.


Not only did Ms. Gadot, Gal if ya nasty, win me over, she did so time and time again as she became the sword wielding, lasso roping, wondrous (see what I did there) justice serving, badass female that encompasses Wonder Woman. Admittedly, I had a hard time adjusting to seeing Wonder Woman vulnerable. See, I am more connected to who she was in the Justice League cartoons and was kind of fuzzy on parts of her origin. So when Gal seems ditsy, she’s really showing how Diana had to adjust to the world of man and the complexities of humans. She definitely dons the costume in a great way that shows how she really dedicated herself to the role. Other pros of the film that is saving DCU movies is the amazing fight sequences and great set visuals. Themyscira truly is as bright and beautiful as it should be, as well as how the other amazons work within it (though I think I have enough crotch shot fighting images to last me a awhile). Speaking of glorious amazons, Robin Wright is like the Marhershala Ali of Moonlight to this movie. She’s in it for a short amount of time playing Diana’s aunt, Antiope, but has such a strong presence that it’ll ring throughout the film. In addition to the fighting and visuals, we have some great quotable dialogue and an excellently placed score. From the beginning we hear a little taste of the Wonder Woman’s theme and it does not fully come out until Diana rises up as Wonder Woman in her first major combat scene.


Though beyond pleasantly surprised, there as some flaws. Pacing is still an issue in these movies. We get excellent exposition and such crappy conclusions that it’s like enjoying a delicious ice cream cone and dropping the very last bit on the ground before it hits your mouth. It’s extremely choppy in the end and not to mention a few fails in the editing department. Don’t give Wonder Woman a beer and have her A. not drink it (come on man!) and B. Have her place it down with sound TWICE. That’s just tech 101. Also, the villains leave much to the appetite. Considering we’ve had a DC film that solely focuses on villains, how come they can’t get a handle on establishing them on a solo front? It’s a little ridiculous. Your hero can only be as heroic as the counter parts they fight. Luckly, these flaws don’t take away too much of the film.


Take your daughters, your sisters, your mother, your grandmother and ravel in the much needed hit out of the ball park for DCU. Wonder Woman will captivate you with its representation of the iconic character and adventure she faces. Just don’t go burning your bras, invest in fitted armor instead.


FINAL WORD:  StarStarStarStarEmpty Star