Joey Votto to miss 3-4 weeks with torn meniscus

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What’s up party people? Steve here to discuss something very important that happens on occasion to owners of fantasy sports teams. It’s that punch to your gut at some point through-out your day.  That punch to the gut happened to me today. I received a text message from ESPN this evening saying that Joey Votto would be out for 3-4 weeks due to a torn meniscus in his left knee. When that happens there is usually a short pause to think about what you just read and possibly read it one more time just to make sure. The next moment is pretty much “oh crap what am I going to do?”

Well, fortunately for me, I have some back-up. I have Anthony Rizzo on my bench as well as William “Country Breakfast” Butler, who just got first base eligibility, which gives me some maneuverability. For the time being I have shifted Rizzo into that first base slot and left Country Breakfast at my utility spot and I will leave Michael Morse and Eric Hosmer on my bench until they decide they want to play for real. So, your saying to yourself, Steve – what if I don’t have the answer on my team?

Well, you do have some options. The first place you should look is your waiver wire. Anyone of use out there? In what might not be the most popular decision, Adam Lind is out there and he has been scorching hot since being recalled from the minors and he is available in 67% of the leagues out there. Casey Kotchman is also out there and has been red-hot as well – he is available in nearly 100% of leagues. Logan Morrison is out there in 44% of leagues and is a serviceable guy to man first base for the time being. I’m not so sure that you want to make a trade out of desperation because you are only looking at 3-4 weeks and with us being at the start of this match-up in weekly leagues, he will only miss another 2-3 match-ups.

Either way you look at it, it hurts. It is a punch to the gut that you have to take action on. Just remember that while Votto will miss 3-4 weeks, he will then be available for the stretch run and for your playoff push. That’s if you don’t go on a 4 week losing streak thanks to Casey Kotchman.