Jose Reyes Suspended

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Hey all – Steve here.

After months of wondering what was going to happen with the Jose Reyes domestic violence saga, we finally have an answer. Reyes is going to be suspended until May 31st and as a result he will lose about $6.3 million and as part of the agreement he will be donating $100,000 toward the prevention and treatment of domestic violence.

Reyes was arrested Oct. 31 in Hawaii on a charge of domestic violence. He was allegedly involved in an argument with his wife that turned physical.

Hawaii News Now reported that Reyes grabbed his wife by the throat and shoved her into a sliding glass door at their Maui hotel room, resulting in injuries to her thigh, neck and wrist. Reyes was released on $1,000 bail, was issued a citation and was told to stay away from his wife for three days.


Reyes was scheduled to go to trial in April, but prosecutors dropped the case when Reyes’ wife refused to talk to them about what happened, calling her “an uncooperative witness.”

The Rockies are 16-18 without him and Trevor Story has been able to show that he belongs in the Major Leagues. It remains to be seen what the Rockies will do with Reyes when he comes back, which should be at some point in June as he can start playing in Minor League games on June 1st. It will be interesting to say the least because there are several teams out there that would be interested in trading for Reyes.

I love Reyes as a player, but there is no room in the game for this. The suspension is absolutely warranted and the 52 games sounds about more. Most people called for a suspension of 40 games or so, but Major League Baseball and Rob Manfred chose to take it a bit further. Hopefully this is the last of this kind of news for Jose and he can focus on what he does best and that is play the game of baseball.