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Kelly Marie Tran and Chrissie Fit Interviews

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On Thursday December 7, 2017 Gilberto Campa and I (Kyle Arango) were given the opportunity to interview two extraordinary women. Kelly Marie Tran from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Chrissie Fit from Pitch Perfect 3 both stopped by the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Miami to sit down with us and tell us about their experiences on their respective movies, opinions on the movie industry, life growing up, and show some unique talents. It was a truly great experience and am excited to share it with everyone.

To start off, I’ll give a background on both of these actresses. Kelly Marie Tran was born in San Diego California from her parents who are both refugees from Vietnam. She has only had one movie role before in a film called XOXO where she only has one line which she points out in the interview. Chrissie Fit was born in Miami Florida and attended school at Florida International University. She has not had many major film roles until she was cast in Pitch Perfect 2 and followed in up in Pitch Perfect 3. They both are now starting to get their big breaks.

Our first interview was with Kelly Marie Tran for her new film Star Wars: The Last Jedi. She immediately lit up the room when she walked in and was ready to have a great time. I started off the interview by asking what her experience was like when she was first introduced to the world as a part of this huge movie at Star Wars Celebration. She responded by saying “It was truly incredible to walk out there to 3,000 screaming fans who love you already when they haven’t seen you do anything yet. It shows you how special this franchise is to people”. Next, we got into her life in the early years by asking what her favorite film was growing up and what was her biggest inspiration to get into acting. She answered immediately with “E.T.” this was her favorite film to watch growing up and she still revisits it to this day. She also said “what got me into acting was storytelling, not a specific person. I’ve always believed that stories are where the heart is in movies”. Finally, I decided to get into some fun questions. Kelly is a huge Harry Potter fan, so I asked “If you could put one Harry Potter character into a Star Wars film, who would it be and how would they fit into the story. She answered by saying “That is the best question ever! I would say Luna Lovegood would be in The Last Jedi and she would be Rose’s best friend”. Makes sense to me! Last thing I asked was if she could do any impressions of a Star Wars character and she answered with “Yes! I can do a great Porg impression! Aaaaaaaahhhh Aaaaaaaahhhhh” It was a terrific way to close out the interview.

Next up we had Chrissie Fit enter the room to promote her film Pitch Perfect 3. She too had an electric personality from the start and gave us energy for the interview. We started off by asking “what is it like to be apart of such a diverse cast of women?” She responded with “It is a special thing to be apart of because you do not see to many movies at all with an all-female cast at the forefront, so it is an honor to be apart of this”. Another question I asked was “How do you girls translate your chemistry with each other to the big screen?” She said, “we are all best friends in real life and love working with each other and I think that natural bond we share translates to the audience”. I then went into her plans for the future by asking “Other members of your cast such as Ester and Hailee Steinfeld have careers in music as well as acting. Are there any plans for you to make that jump as well?” She said “I want to focus on acting for now. However, a career in singing is definitely not off the table”. Chrissie was a great personality and gave us her full dedication during the interview.

So, there you have it! That was our experience interviewing both Kelly Marie Tran and Chrissie Fit. It was a unique experience, and one we are incredibly thankful for. I am happy that these wonderful women were my first ever interview, and am looking forward to meeting them again someday. Hope you all go out and enjoy both Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Pitch Perfect 3.