Kyle Says BLADE RUNNER 2049 Is A Masterpiece

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Blade Runner 2049 is directed by Denis Villeneuve and stars Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista, Sylvia Hoeks, and Jared Leto. Blade Runner 2049 is the long-awaited sequel to the cult classic Blade Runner, a film that is beloved by many. Fans of the original have been waiting decades for the sequel and now that it is finally here, did it live up to the original? The answer is yes. This film is absolutely fantastic and everything I wanted as a fan of the original Blade Runner. Blade Runner 2049 takes everything people loved about the first and adds more to it. It is rare to see a sequel worthy of its predecessor, but Blade Runner 2049 is exactly that.

To begin, there will not be much detail here about the film because the plot of the movie is a spoiler. The way to appreciate this movie is to go in completely blind and get yourself immersed into this world again. All you need to know is that a young blade runner (Ryan Gosling) discovers a long-buried secret that leads him down a path to discover the answers he seeks. That’s all I can really say about the plot. Now, what the original Blade Runner is most known for is being ahead of its time and exploring themes that are now more real today than they were back in 1982. The world of Blade Runner takes place in a near dystopian future in where replicants are built as a slave force. When they become too smart, they are hunted down by Blade Runners and are “retired”. Something Blade Runner 2049 did so well was immediately bring us back into this world and not let us go until the end. I felt like I was a part of this world and the mystery. This film is not a case of bigger is better. Instead it is a welcome back and journey into the great unknown.

The positives of this film are in every aspect. There is no weak link to this film. The star of this is without a doubt director Denis Villeneuve. He is now, in my opinion, the greatest director working today. With films such as Prisoners, Enemy, Sicario, Arrival, and now Blade Runner 2049, he has now established himself as the best working today. What he does so well is his tension building and attention to detail. There is not a single scene or shot that is not significant to the rest of the film. You can clearly tell that he is a fan of the original film and wanted to do everything he could to make the sequel worthy of it. Another standout is cinematographer Roger Deakins. His shots are enormous and beautiful and give you the full scope of the setting. The score of the film by Benjamin Wallfisch and Hans Zimmer is also powerful and mesmerizing to the point where it makes you feel exactly how the director wants you to feel. All the technical aspects of this film are top notch and cannot be any better.

Now let’s get to the acting. This film is Ryan Gosling’s from start to finish. He carries the movie with his powerful performance that is so important to the emotion of the story. We are seeing and discovering everything the same time he is and without his commitment, the film would fall flat. Next up is Harrison Ford who is returning to play Rich Deckard from the original film. He does not have as much screen time as you would think, but when he is there you feel his impact. Harrison Ford brings it in this movie harder than we’ve seen him bring it in decades. Expect and supporting actor nomination in his future. Other standouts are Ana de Armas as Gosling’s love interest who shows him what it means to be human. Dave Bautista’s role is small but significant. Robin Wright is great as she always is. Sylvia Hoeks is a scary henchman who is a more than a match for anyone. Finally, Jared Leto is fantastic as the villain Wallace whose motivations reflect his large personality.

The last thing I want to touch on is the themes that lie both in this film and in the original. Blade Runner explored what it means to be human, and who is to say what makes anyone or anything human. Blade Runner 2049 takes those themes and expands on them to create new questions. This film creates new questions with no clear answers and makes us wonder just who we really are. That is the aspect of film-making that elevates a film to becoming an all timer that will live on and be discussed forever.

In the end, Blade Runner 2049 is truly a masterpiece in all aspects and is more than a worthy sequel to the original. I do not use that word lightly and have rarely ever come across one. However, Blade Runner 2049 is absolutely deserved of that title. This is the type of film that only comes around once in a decade and it cannot be missed. I implore you to see this film in the theaters because you will regret it if you wait for your home. This is not a heavy action movie, it is a thinking one and one that will be talked about for generations. I cannot recommend this film enough and will again claim that Blade Runner 2049 is a masterpiece.

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