Kyle Says Captain Marvel is a New Hero For All

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The most successful franchise in the world is back once again with their next instalment in Captain Marvel. This is Marvel Studios first project with a female lead and after the success of Wonder Woman, there is a huge market for this type of film and for an audience that has been shortchanged until recently. Can Captain Marvel continue Marvel’s winning streak and establish a new character to last for many films to come? Of course they can, and they certainly succeeded here. Captain Marvel introduces us to a new hero and takes us on a mysterious adventure while making us fall in love with characters we know and ones we are happy to meet.

Captain Marvel tells us the origin story of Carol Danvers, a pilot for the U.S. air force in the 90’s. She has a freak accident and spends the next six years of her life on another planet with newly gained powers. When a mission fails, and she is captured, she must come to terms with who she actually is and who she can trust. This is a story that is tough to get on board with at first but is well worth the effort. Simply put, the first act of this film is a little sloppy. The editing makes it hard to follow and we are thrust into a new world we know nothing about and aren’t given much information. Once Carol comes crashing into a Blockbuster on Earth, this movie sings. Marvel has succeeded with the cosmic side before. Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, and Thor: Ragnarok all did it to the best of their ability and Captain Marvel is the same, just with less humor. This is a story about a woman trying to understand who she is and her growing as an individual. Oh, and she has superpowers.

The hero herself, Ms. Brie Larson, is spectacular in the role of Carol Danvers and she really accesses that emotional core at the heart of the character. While she may be an individual with extraordinary abilities, she has a personable side to her that makes her relatable to all. Brie Larson brings that likeability to the character that is so crucial to making these films work to where you are rooting for her to make it out of this and protect the ones she cares for. Something enjoyable for her is that there is no love interest here. She is on a journey and simply has no time for love. The character is able to grow without needing a partner to love. Samuel L. Jackson returns in what might be his most iconic role now in Nick Fury. We get to see the beginnings of him with this film set in the 90s, he is de-aged (quite remarkably I might add) and has both eyes. It was nice to see Fury in the role of the audience. He knew just as much about Danvers as we did, and he grows to understand her along with us. Another star is the always reliable Ben Mendelsohn as the head Skrull. Not much can be said about this character without spoiling, but as an alien who can shape-shift into anyone, he was pretty awesome. It was nice to see Mendelsohn doing something interesting with the role. The rest of the characters are serviceable, Gemma Chan is a particular standout, while others are relegated to glorified cameos, but each serve a purpose and contribute to this film.

Other aspects of this film that worked that may not get mentioned as much is the behind the scenes stuff. Andy Nicholson is the production designer and he completely takes us back to the 90s and it never distracts from the main story. The visual effects were also astounding, particularly the space scenes. Directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck really impressed and the care for the character and her story could be felt throughout. The main theme that they convey, however, is learning to grow and become who you truly are. Little girls, and boys for that matter, will latch on to the character of Captain Marvel and see themselves in that growth.

Captain Marvel is a film I would sum up in two words, inspiring, and just downright cool. It has everything you want in an origin story and doesn’t follow the clichéd beats which make it feel fresh. Carol Danvers is a character that will become a household name very quickly and she be a role model for all. Thanos is screwed and humanity has hope. Also, ‘Goose the cat’ is one of the biggest scene stealers I have seen in a long time.

The Verdict: 4/5 Stars