Kyle Says Liam Neeson Saves THE COMMUTER From Being A Train Wreck

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The Commuted is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and stars Liam Neeson, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Jonathan Banks, and Sam Neill. It tells the story of Michael, played by Neeson who is put into a weird criminal conspiracy on his way home and is forced to comply to save his family. This is Liam Neeson’s fourth collaboration with director Jaume Collet-Serra. Can The Commuter be another good Liam Neeson action movie? The answer is no. It really depends on your taste, but this is above average for a January movie, which is not saying much.

To begin, I brought up the month of January because it is considered the dumping ground for movies. Studios put movies here that they know are not very good, and just look for a quick buck, which is why terrible horror movies always come out in January. With that said, when The Commuter was placed at this date, expectations were not high. What brings this movie down is just poor directing in all aspects. I don’t think Jaume Collet-Serra really knew what exactly he wanted this movie to be. The story is not fluent, and you basically get to watch Liam Neeson run back and forth through a moving train for 90 minutes. There are also just some very bad decisions made here. For some reason, a scene between two people talking at a bar is filmed with shaky cam. Instead of paying attention to the conversation, you are wondering why you can’t see the person’s entire head who is talking. Then the shaky cam never returns. It was in the bar scene, and that is all.

Another issue I had with this film is the messy, yet familiar plot. The story here is basically Neeson being told to solve a mystery against his will before a certain time. Sound familiar? Remember the movie Non-Stop where Liam Neeson is on a plane and has to solve a mystery? Yeah, The Commuter is the exact same thing only on a train instead of a plane. Coincidentally, Non-Stop is also directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. However, like the problem with non-stop, the motivations are not very clear for this, and you’re left with questions that never get answered. The director instead resorts to unrealistic action such as Liam Neeson’s 60-year old character being able to run alongside a train. It is the stuff you’d see in a Fast and Furious movie, which I am also not a fan of.

The only saving grace for this film is its star Liam Neeson. I’ve said his name a thousand times already but, he is worth mentioning because he is the only thing keeping this movie from being a train wreck. He is the modern-day action star and has consistently brought his all with every action film he does. While they might not all be successes, he is still a presence in each one. You can’t say the same about other actors. Mostly because they are non-existent or disappear. At one point I said, “Oh yeah, I forgot Patrick Wilson was in this movie” because you see him and then he is gone for most of the movie. Jonathan Banks disappears really quick and the same goes for Vera Farmiga. The talent here is wasted all over besides Neeson.

At the end of it all, The Commuter is a dumb action movie at its best. If you go in and turn your brain off, you’ll probably enjoy yourself. However, if you are looking for more of a smart, mystery movie, this is not for you. I can’t say I recommend this film. I can’t wait for the third film that will most likely take place on a boat.

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