Kyle Says MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE-FALLOUT Is A Heart-pounding, Action Packed Knockout.

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Franchises are a very difficult thing to accomplish in today’s Hollywood. The Mission Impossible franchise is one that has been going on since 1996 and has done something many franchises cannot do, it got better and better. With the exception of Mission Impossible 2, the franchise has improved with every installment with Rogue Nation being one of the greatest action films of all time. Could Mission Impossible: Fallout continue the trend and be another great entry into the franchise? The answer is an enthusiastic yes! This one of the best films of the year and one of the greatest action films of all time.

Mission Impossible: Fallout is the sixth movie in the Mission Impossible franchise and at this point you have to think they are running out of stories to tell or going to the well a bit too much. You can turn on almost any Mission Impossible film without seeing the others and understand completely what is going on. What Mission Impossible: Fallout does is continue that trend but also be a treat for fans of the franchise. Fallout gives fans a satisfying culmination of every film to that point. There is payoff here that the others did not have, and it makes Fallout feel special. The plot goes that a mission at the beginning goes awry and Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt makes a decision that lingers over the film the entire time and is the catalyst that gets the plot going. From there, his decisions and choices he’s made his entire career come to a front and he must adapt to the situation he is thrown into. The plot keeps you engaged from start to finish with twists and turns at every point combined with some of the best action you could ask for. Nothing is ever as it seems in the film and I was continually surprised at every beat.

Speaking of the action, this is some of the best action ever put on screen. The Mission Impossible movies are known for pushing the envelope in the action department and continually upping their game from film to film. Mission Impossible: Fallout is no exception. How do they top Tom Cruise hanging off the side of an airplane? They make him climb a rope on the bottom of a helicopter in the sky and jump out of an airplane. The fight sequences are very well choreographed, and the bathroom fight that people are excited about from the trailers does not disappoint. Even something we have seen a thousand times in a chase scene on bikes finds a way to be different. Director Christopher McQuarrie films these sequences so uniquely to where you feel like you are apart of the action while also leaving you at the edge of your seat because you also care for these characters and want to see them succeed and survive. McQuarrie is the first director of the Mission Impossible franchise to return for a second film and they should let this happen more often. You can tell McQuarrie took what he had done in Rogue Nation, learned from it, and improved upon it. This is him and Tom Cruise’s movie and they are a duo to be reckoned with.

Tom Cruise is the biggest movie star of all time and the Mission Impossible franchise is part of the reason why. He produces all of these films and picks all the directors. Tom Cruise has always lived by giving 100% effort in everything he does and in Fallout, you can feel his passion for the character of Ethan Hunt. Cruise does most of his own stunts because he wants to give the audience the full experience. It was very public how Cruise broke his ankle doing a stunt for this film and they kept that shot in the film. Nothing feels fabricated or like something the character of Ethan Hunt would not do. He has grown with the character to the point where he is today and it makes Hunt feel real instead of a processed character. Ethan Hunt has added new traits and depth to himself in the franchise and in Fallout his character has such a satisfying payoff with every other character.

The rest of the cast in Mission Impossible: Fallout is terrific in addition to Tom Cruise with no dull performance to speak of. Ving Rhames who has been with this franchise since the beginning gives his best performance of the entire series. He has the most emotional moment of the film and Rhames gives such an emotional depth to his character. Simon Pegg is also a veteran of the franchise and he feels like he has not skipped a beat. He is funny yet relatable and with Ethan Hunt doing near impossible things, Benji brings a reality to it all. Rebecca Ferguson returns here as Ilsa and she is even more badass than she was in Rogue Nation. Her character has a purpose that pays off well. Alec Baldwin also returns to give a sense of maturity to the cast. Finally, Henry Cavill who is a new addition t the cast is tremendous. He has a machoness to him that does not feel overt. You feel like you could be friends or foe with him at the change of a second. This entire cast is amazing (although I did miss Jeremy Renner) and just contributes to this already awesome film.

Mission Impossible: Fallout is a heart-pounding, action-packed extravaganza that will make you feel every emotion possible. The entire cast and crew give it everything they had and with a runtime of nearly two and a half hours, it flew by and I could’ve watched another four. This franchise continues to up itself from one film to the next and I’m excited for what the future holds for this franchise. I highly recommend the film, you will not be disappointed.