Kyle Says OCEAN’S 8 Is A Terrific Heist Film

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Ocean’s 8 is directed by Gary Ross and stars Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Rhianna, Awkwafina, Helena Bonham Carter, and Sarah Paulson. It tells the story of Debbie Ocean, who gathers a group of women to pull off a heist at the Met Gala, the most exclusive invitational party in North America. Taking place in the same universe as Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s trilogy, could this film recapture the magic that Ocean’s Eleven had with an all-female crew? The answer is a resounding yes! Ocean’s 8 is a fun movie that utilizes its terrific cast to their full potential.

To begin, Ocean’s 8 is a movie I have been looking forward to ever since the cast got announced. An Ocean’s movie with an all-female cast? Count me in. Throw in some of the best actresses working today and you have yourself the makings of something great. Ocean’s 8 is a heist film through and through. That is all it needed to be. You’re not going to find deep meanings or depressing tones here. This film could’ve easily been a repeat of Ghostbuster’s (2016) debacle. What Ocean’s 8 did differently from Ghostbusters was they didn’t reboot the franchise, they instead set it in the same universe and acknowledged the previous films. Ghostbusters tried to reboot the franchise all together and it went completely sideways. It has become popular today in Hollywood to reboot older properties that once worked before. This is fine as long as it is done well and very few are. Ocean’s 8 learned from that and turned in a solid film.

When creating a heist film, the most important aspect is the cast. If the cast does not work for whatever reason, it can completely destroy the movie. Luckily, that’s not case here. There are eight members to the team and none of them feel like they are shortchanged or forgotten about. The main standouts are Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, and surprisingly, Rhianna. Sandra Bullock absolutely owned this role. She took this character and ran with it to the point where you can tell she became Debbie Ocean. As head the ring leader, you believe she is just that smart and good at her job as she says she is. Anne Hathaway plays a high-class celebrity where she is believable yet not ridiculously over the top. She has the funniest moments in the film and no matter how snobby she seems, you can’t help but like her. Finally, Rhianna is a pleasant addition here that I did not expect much of going into the film. She plays a hacker and her role in the heist carries the heaviest load. Many musicians before have tried jumping into acting and cannot succeed but Rhianna does not seem to have that issue. The rest of the cast is great and are all given moments to shine.

When crafting a heist film, the other important aspect to make the film work is the actual heist. For the audience to be entertained, we need to enjoy what is going on. The heist is a blast from start to finish. The heist works well and sometimes it works a little too well. There are a couple moments when complications arise, and they are solved no problem at all. There are also things that go into the heist which make you think for a second if it would actually work in real life, but you learn to let it go because you are just having such a great time watching the film. Throw in a witty and funky score with a couple famous songs, and you are officially invested in the ride.

In the end, Ocean’s 8 is a terrific heist film with an amazing cast that keeps you locked in the entire time. It takes the original series and improves upon it by making it relevant and fun at the same time. Ocean’s 8 takes the most important aspects of a heist film and knocks them out of the park, this is a great film to check out in the middle of this giant summer movie season that will leave you happy and satisfied. I highly recommend checking this one out this weekend as it is a film everyone will enjoy.