Kyle Says RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET Is A Nice Flick For The Family

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Wreck it Ralph from 2013 is a fascinating film in the Disney library that seems to get overlooked a lot. It was renowned but not celebrated to the like Frozen, Zootopia, and Moana were. With that in mind, a sequel was still green-lit and put in the prime Thanksgiving spot. When Pixar and Marvel aren’t involved, Disney has had a rough year with Wrinkle in Time, Solo, and Nutcracker all struggling. Could Ralph Breaks the Internet be Disney’s first solo success of 2018? Yes, but not a resounding one. While this film has its fun moments and some heartfelt scenes, its focus is a bit of course leaving a bit more to be desired.

Ralph Breaks the Internet takes place exactly six years after the events of Wreck it Ralph where we find Ralph and Vanellope as best friends who spend most of their time together. When Ralph accidentally causes Vanellope’s game to break, it becomes in danger of being shut down completely unless a replacement part can be bought. Where do they need to go to get this part? The internet and that’s exactly where they go and so does the plot which is incredibly frustrating. The original Wreck it Ralph I do enjoy and have fun with, but my biggest issue is just how uneven it’s story is. The entire subplot of the bugs ruined the focus and left the film feeling jumbled and that is my problem with Ralph Breaks the Internet, but to a lesser extent. This film stays more in focus but tends to wander off as well because there is such a large world they want to explore in such a short amount of time, and this world is beautiful. The scenery that the animators created at multiple levels is astounding. It is mind-boggling to me just how much work and craftsmanship goes into these settings and how long it must’ve took. Each setting within the internet feels like something new and what the animators created hear is nothing short of spectacular.

The main setting for Ralph Breaks the Internet takes place in well, the internet. This allows for the characters in story to go in many different directions and boy do they take advantage of that. Almost every major website you can think of is mentioned or seen in this film and the creativity is also there. eBay is built like an auction house. Each person who accesses the internet gets their own avatar of themselves and it looks like a city of people stretching over for eternity. Anything you can think of involving the internet is shown here and that can be a good and bad thing. It is fun to see these unique and creative scenes in which our characters explore the internet, but it also feels like side quests that have nothing to do with the main plot. What I did enjoy about this is they also explored the negatives of the internet. Ralph stumbles upon a video comments section and discovers the horrors of this and they actually use this as a plot device. The internet isn’t a happy place, and this film is not afraid to go to dark places.

What I feel most people might point to is the sequence that takes place in the Disney section of the internet. This is my favorite sequence of the film, but it may turn many people off. Vanellope enters Disney’s website and you see everything they own. Buzz Lightyear and Baymax shake hands with people, Eeyore wanders around the premises with R2-D2. There are storm troopers patrolling the premises and baby Groot is conducting a Q&A. The main focus however, is the Disney princesses who have a dressing room Vanellope stumbles upon and this scene is spectacular. All the woman who voiced these iconic characters returned and it is something special to see them all together. People may point to this and say this is Disney just stroking their ego and being self-indulgent. I thought this was incredibly smart on their part. You own these properties so use them because they work. We all recognize them and if Warner Bros. can do it with Ready Player One, why can’t Disney?

Finally, the voice cast here impressed the heck out of me on multiple levels. They all made their characters feel fully fleshed out and I really appreciated that. John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman return to voice Ralph and Vanellope and they never lose the magic they had in the first film. They feel like best friends and that they actually have a care for each other. Without that, this film would not work because friendship is the main theme and it works so well for this film. Gal Gadot enters here as Shank, as speed racer in a world they visit and she is awesome. Gal makes her character feel like a tough person who you want to be best friends with when in her presence. Taraji P. Henson also deserves some love for making a CEO of a website feel relatable and likeable. Both of these women introduced these new characters and completely made me forget Fix it Felix and Calhoun are barely in the movie. If we get a third movie, I would love to see them all come together.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is a worthy sequel to Wreck it Ralph that improves upon the original in some respects but also suffers from some of its weaknesses. The characters and the actors behind them are great and the animation is breathtaking and a sight to behold. You will get lost in this world of the internet and find it relatable since we are always constantly on it. This is a great movie for a family over Thanksgiving that kids will enjoy and adults will find entertainment in.

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