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Kyle Says Spider-Man: Far From Home is a Great Epilogue for the MCU

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by Kyle Arango

The largest franchise of all time is back again with its 23rd film in Spider-Man Far From Home with what promises to be the end to the story started all the way back with Iron Man. Coming off the massive success that was Avengers: Endgame, it seems as if there is absolutely no stopping Marvel and anything is possible for them. Can Spider-Man: Far From Home perfectly end this saga while also ushering us into the next stage? Absolutely! While not perfect at all, this film gets the job done with great laughs, intense action, and an emotional core that both honor the character and thank its fans. This might be one of the most “comicbooky” movies I’ve ever seen.

Spider-Man: Far From Home picks up a couple of months after the events of Avengers: Endgame. The world has changed now with some people five years older and others back at the same age. The world is trying to move on from this but for Peter Parker, the death of Tony Stark is taking a toll on him and he just wants to go on vacation and be with the girl he has a crush on. However, when Mysterio shows up battling a new threat, Peter’s vacation quickly turns on its head. This film has many different things it is trying to juggle, and it never drops the ball. On one hand, we have this looming threat on the horizon and no other hero is available besides Spider-Man and Mysterio. On another, we have Peter trying to go back to his normal life as a teenager in high school who is dealing with teenager things. He has a crush on MJ and wants to profess that to her. On top of that, he is emotionally drained after the loss of his father figure in Tony Stark and everyone asking if he will be the next Iron Man. It is incredible that this film never drops the ball.

The aspect that works the most about this film is the inner turmoil Peter Parker has to deal with and how he chooses to go about it. He is a kid who is being forced to have to grow up faster than he would like to while also holding onto the youth he still has. Do you take on this large responsibility or continue life as it is? It is a struggle he goes through. All the credit in the world goes to Tom Holland for portraying this struggle. People are going to praise the story and new additions to the cast, but Tom Holland is the best thing about this movie. He just has a lovability about him that makes you just want him to succeed. You can see him fight with what people want him to be and who he wants to be, and Holland is so believable with his performance. You can always feel the raw emotion on his face when he has to make tough choices. Yet he also brings the right kind of awkwardness a teenager would have. He is easily the best Spider-Man we have seen, and the future is bright for him.

The rest of the cast is terrific as well. What was so enjoyable about Spider-Man: Homecoming was the group of students and their interactions. They felt like actual teenagers experiencing this large world. The biggest standout of them is Zendaya who plays MJ. In the first film, she was very standoffish and without much emotion but in this film she uses that to full advantage. She introduces a vulnerability that is so real and her back and forth, will they won’t they, relationship with Peter is a joy. Jake Gyllenhaal is also incredible as Mysterio. Gyllenhaal is brilliant at portraying a character that you think you shouldn’t trust but has the charisma to convince you either way. He can make you love him or hate him with the flip of a switch. Gyllenhaal’s best performance to date is in Nightcrawler and in this film, he brings elements of that character and puts them into this role. It is such a convincing performance and he continues to prove why he is the best actor working today. We have a film with Mysterio in it played by Jake Gyllenhaal, this is a wonderful time!

Spider-Man: Far From Home is a joyful yet emotional time that is a perfect epilogue to this first part of the MCU. Everything you loved about Spider-Man: Homecoming is back here and more with great performances, intense action, and all the laughs you want. It does have pacing issues and a big expositional dump midway through, but it never derails the film. Tom Holland continues to grow as an actor and will lead the character to great places. If you love Spider-Man, you will love this film.

The Verdict: 4/5 Stars