Kyle Says Spider-Man Homecoming Is Another Great 2017 Superhero Movie

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“Spider-Man Homecoming” is the 16th installment into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Stars Tom Holland as our 3rd rendition of Spider-Man. After appearing in “Captain America Civil War” last year, audiences were introduced to this new Spider-Man with positive support and got people interested in his new solo movie.

“Spider-Man Homecoming” definitely delivered. Director John Watts begins the movie by taking risks in filmmaking and pulls them off wonderfully. The movie immediately focuses on connecting Spider-Man to the rest of the MCU without feeling forced but rather necessary to the plot. Michael Keaton who plays the Vulture is a man whose intentions are well but his way of going about it is evil which makes him a flawed villain because he believes what he is doing is the right thing. With a Marvel Universe, whose biggest criticism is weak villains, Michael Keaton is menacing and intriguing who ranks towards the top of the Marvel Villains.

Peter Parker is meanwhile still on a high from his involvement in Civil War and helping Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark. Peter’s conflict is he wants to be an Avenger but Stark does not think he is ready yet. Peter is doing anything he can to become an avenger even if it means giving up everything else he is involved in. This conflict in turn makes for great character development for Peter who is willing to do anything to become an Avenger.

Other standouts include Jacob Batalon as Peter’s best friend Ned who does basically what we all would do if we found out our best friend was Spider-Man. Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan is a welcome return to the universe as well as Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May. The entire high school classmates are great additions in the cast. Finally, Donald Glover is mysterious and intriguing as Aaron Davis.

Not everything was amazing though, Tony Revolori’s character Flash felt forced and unnecessary. Bokeem Woodbine as the Shocker was fine but added nothing much to the story. In addition, while all three acts were good, the second act felt weaker than the others because of a quick high start to the film and a satisfying ending, the second act just feels weaker than the other two but not to the detriment of the film.

In all, Spider-Man Homecoming is a wonderful addition into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is fun, hilarious, smart, and just a great time. Marvel and Sony combined to make a great film that takes risks and show that two studios can work together to make a great movie. After two underwhelming Amazing Spider-Man films, this was a nice fresh breathe of air to the hero. By the way, for those saying that this looks like Iron Man 4, you will be incredibly disappointed in your assessment. I highly recommend this film to audiences as it goes right along with the amazing Comic book movies we have already gotten in 2017 such as “Logan”, “Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2”, and “Wonder Woman”. Great movie all around. 

P.S. Stick around for 2 post credit scenes!

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