Kyle Says TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES Is A Hit For All Ages.

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The DC comics brand has had a rough go at it lately in the film business. Justice League was a box office disaster and the movie going community is just sour on the brand right now. Teen Titans Go! Is a popular DC television show that is based on the comics which makes it an interesting chose considering the dark take on comic movies. While for kids, could Teen Titans Go! To the Movies be the film that restores people’s faith in the DC brand? The answer is an emphatic yes! Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is a hilarious spoof on the DC and superhero genre with great characters and a story both adults and kids can enjoy.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is a movie that could have one going in with heavy reservations. The trailers had cheap fart jokes and just looked goofy. That being said, original Teen Titans television series was my favorite show growing up. It was funny and entertaining while also able to go dark very effectively. Then it was cancelled and replaced by Teen Titans Go! That just looked like a dumbed down kid friendly series, and I had no interest in it. However, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies pleasantly surprised me. Similar to how The Lego Batman Movie spoofed the Batman brand, Teen Titans did the same for superheroes in general. The story follows the Teen Titans comprised of Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy who notice every superhero is getting a movie and Robin wants a movie of his own. When they are denied this opportunity, they decide they need an arch nemesis in order to prove themselves worthy of having a movie and this leads to some great gags.

The plot of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is a very creative and rich one. With all the superhero movies going on nowadays, it makes sense to spoof them. There are many great jokes such as Green Lantern being disappointed in the movie that was made about him or how lesser characters like Alfred are getting a movie. The current DC universe of films is not safe at all either. Some of the most publicly criticized moments of recent DC films are addressed here and provide some of the most hilarious moments. You start to feel bad for this team as you wonder why they are being discriminated against. This team works so well together and you can feel the chemistry not just within the characters, but with the voice cast as well. These are the same voice actors that voiced the original Teen Titans series and the current one. They have been together for a long time and they feel as if they have not aged once. The actors embody these characters incredibly well to the point you believe they are all actually hanging out, singing songs, and riffing on each other.

Where the film starts to present a problem is when it goes overboard on its premise. Robin wants his own movie and they constantly need to remind the audience of that throughout the film as if it was already forgotten. After awhile it becomes very old and you are just waiting for it to be resolved so that we can get to other adventures. This movie knows exactly what it is, a meta version of a superhero film. This is essentially the kid’s version of Deadpool, of which they actually reference. Besides the one complaint, the film is a blast. If you are a fan of DC comics, television, and movies, you’ll love this film. Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is littered with references and Easter eggs that lovers of the comics will enjoy. In every frame, there are at least two things fans can enjoy and that is a testament to the hard work and dedication the creators of this film have. You can tell that they love this property and have a wealthy knowledge of the comics.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is the surprise hit of the summer that provides entertainment for people of all ages. Lovers of the original series, current series, and superhero movies in general will find enjoyment and not feel as if they wasted their time. The last line of the movie will leave parents stunned and if you have any kind of attachment to the Teen Titans, be sure to stick around for the mid-credits scene. So, do so as the title says and Go! To the Movies.