Kyle Says You Will Smile While Watching CHRISTOPHER ROBIN, and Sometimes We All Need That

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Christopher Robin is a name everybody knows for being associated with some of the most loveable characters of all time. Winnie the Pooh is the most famous bear in the history of bears who has had such a legacy that it’s a character that links many generations. Now that silly ol’ bear is coming to us live action in Disney’s Christopher Robin. Could Christopher Robin capture the magical youthfulness that makes Winnie the Pooh so iconic and loveable? The answer is a yes, but a mild one. While enjoyable, I could not help but feel like something was missing or possibly uneven.

Initially, people were a little turned off during the trailers when they saw what the characters would look like but for me they captured the reality of them as best they could. Regardless of the look, Winnie the Pooh is a character that means a lot to me and his adventures with Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore always made me happy growing up. The story follows Christopher Robin who is grown up and has a family with a real job now. When times get tough, Christopher Robin must make some very difficult choices and look at himself in the mirror to figure out what is best, hence the visit of his old friend. First problem here is the film has a story it wants to tell but is not sure how to get there. Whenever it just focused on Robin’s job situation, it became a bit boring and almost like busy work the movie has to accomplish. This is unfortunate because everything not involving the job is fantastic. We want to see Robin reconnect with his childhood friends and that keeps you engaged.

Christopher Robin is not the film you would expect it to be from the marketing. This is very much a film for adults with some childlike elements however my biggest gripe with the film was the character of Christopher Robin is a jerk. He is not very likeable as an adult who chooses his job over his family for much of the film. When Pooh comes back and is expecting to see his best friend, it is heartbreaking to see the way Robin treats him. Seeing the most loveable character in history depressed is just destroying. However, the film is about Christopher Robin realizing what he needs most in life and for that it does a terrific job. Ewan McGregor is a fantastic actor and plays this role so well to where you don’t fully hate him, but want him to change for the better.

Now let’s get to the most important aspects of this film and that is the characters. Winnie the Pooh is still the most adorable, charming, and innocent character who still teaches life lessons such as to find the little things in life that make us happy. He finds the good in every situation and you just want to hug him from the moment you see him. His friends Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore are great as well and they all represent different personalities. Piglet is shy and timid, Eeyore is depressing and down, and Tigger is a ball of energy. On the human side, Hayley Atwell is great as Robin’s wife although she is not given much to do but it is to be expected considering the focal point is Christopher Robin.

The greatest and most important aspect of the film Christopher Robin is its themes. As we grow up and start to letting go of our childhoods we forget what made us happy. This filmd does a brilliant job of reminding us that it’s ok to hold on to the happiness of childhood as long s we keep what truly brings us joy. Christopher Robin represents what can happen if we let our childhood go and how much it can affect our lives. Pooh brought me back to a simpler time and midway through the movie, I was crying remembering what it was like back then. These themes are ones we all need when life gets tough and it helps reminds us that the darkness is never really that bad.

Christopher Robin is an emotional, heartfelt film with classic characters that you can’t help but love. The story is a bit messy and the main character can be difficult to like, but everything surrounding him is so terrific, that you will not be upset. If you had any kind of attachment to Winnie the Pooh then this film will delight you. Adults and younger viewers alike, although not too young, you will smile in Christopher Robin and we sometimes that’s all we need.