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Kyle’s Hot Take: Vontaze Burfict

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Kyle’s Hot Take of the Week

​I’ve got thoughts, and I have a ton of them. Some fall in line with the majority opinion, and others are completely my own. That’s where this comes in. Time for a segment I like to call Kyle’s Hot Take of the Week. This week we are back to sports where I tackle one of the most controversial players professional sports and his supporters.

Hot Take – Vontaze Burfict supporters need to shut up.

​Vontaze Burfict is one of the best defensive players the NFL has seen over the past couple years. He sprints across the field and always seems to be in on the tackle. He is also one of the most dangerous players the NFL has ever seen. The man has a history of just having zero regard for player safety and giving hits so hard it threatens careers.

​Recently, Burfict, who now plays for the Oakland Raiders, laid a hit on Colts TE Jack Doyle helmet to helmet. You can watch the hit online, but the hit is brutal and inexcusable. He was immediately kicked out of the game and the very next day received a season long suspension for the NFL, the longest suspension in NFL history. To my surprise, there are many people calling this suspension excessive and uncalled for. This man is a monster who keeps going out of the way to hurt people and really should be kicked out of the league.

​Let’s take a look at Vontaze Burfict’s history of violence in the NFL. In college he pushed an umpire because he was upset and through high school and college, he continually went after Matt Barkley’s knees trying to take him out. In 2014, Burfict twisted the ankles of both Cam Newton and Greg Olsen while he had them because they had a history of ankle problems. He stomped his foot on LeGarrette Blount in 2016. Who could forget his history with the Steelers? He went after Ben Roethlisberger’s knees, did the same to Le’Veon Bell and took him out. Finally, he ended Antonio Brown as we used to know him with a helmet to helmet shot that nearly made him unconscious. Brown has been a clown ever since that hit.

​What is really getting to me with this guy is the supporters he has. Do you people not care about the well being of these guys? I get it, they play an extremely violent game that requires bodies to collide with other bodies, but there are certain rules that are in place to limit the amount of injuries that are going on. I have heard people defend him by saying that it’s war out there and people have to do what they have to do to survive. Have you ever been to war? Do you really know what it’s like? It’s disrespectful to compare football to war. There are so many studies of former players ending their lives early due to CTE from concussions. Players are now retiring early because they don’t want to put themselves through it any longer. Why does Burfict not seem to care or his supporters? Because it’s a man’s game? Because it’s what they signed up for? Where’s your empathy or compassion for a person? Grow up.

The NFL is suspending Vontaze Burfict for the rest of the season, following a dangerous play on Sunday. Burfict, who has a history of unnecessary roughness penalties, is seen here leaving the field in Indianapolis after his most recent ejection.

​In total, Burfict has racked up multiple suspensions and up to $5.3 million dollars in forfeited money and fines. He continues to display this behavior over and over again and refuses to change. The rules are not the problem, every other defensive player has adjusted to safer ways of playing and are succeeding. Why can’t Burfict?