Matthew’s Gaming News Wrap-Up 9/18/15-10/1/15

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-The last generation versions of Black Ops III will NOT include the single player campaign. This means that the only game modes that will come with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game will be zombies and the multiplayer components of the game. If you were expecting a substantial discount due to this then I’m sorry to inform you that the game will only be ten dollars cheaper than the current generation versions of the game. Activison’s reasoning for the absence of the campaign was that they just couldn’t find a way to make the game’s four player coop experience compatible with last generation consoles. My biggest question concerning this whole situation is why it took them so long to come out with this information? They obviously had to have known that the last gen version of the game was not going to have a campaign for quite some time now, yet they waited until this soon before the game’s release to inform the public, even though thousands of fans might have already placed their preorders for the game. Nice job, Activision.

-Square Enix has decided to completely cancel their highly controversial “Augment Your Preorder” preorder campaign for their upcoming game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The preorder campaign centered on the idea of players unlocking tiers of DLC rewards as more people preordered the game. To the relief of many gamers who saw this as nothing more than an unfair gimmick, Square Enix tweeted the news that the promotion was cancelled, also adding in their tweet “You asked for this”. I’d like to imagine that that part of the tweet was actually written by a pouty three year old but I know the odds of that being true are virtually nonexistent.


-More Call of Duty news, and this news isn’t going to be pretty either. In an extremely controversial move, the Call of Duty twitter page pretended to live tweet a terrorist attack in Singapore. Not only did they try to convince people that a terrorist attack took place and that an entire country was under martial law, they even went the extra mile and tried to make themselves seem like a reputable news sight. Prior to this marketing stunt, the twitter page changed their avatar, banner, bio, and their name to emulate a fake, made-up news site’s twitter page. The new biography they changed to even said “Where we bring you real news”. After tweeting all the fake tweets, Call of Duty ended the stunt with the tweet “This was a glimpse into the future fiction of #BlackOps3”. IGN’s Mitch Dyer wrote an exceptional piece reviewing everything wrong and distasteful about this marketing stunt and you can read that here

-According to a new report from the NPD Group, the majority of kids between the ages 2 and 17 are now gaming on mobile devices more than they are on PCs, consoles, and handhelds. In the study, two out of every three kids stated that they regularly game on mobile devices like smart phones. In previous years, PC gaming had been the most used gaming system, but this year the results showed that only 45 percent of the kids who responded stated that they use a home computer for gaming.

-New Roller Coaster World video was released recently. The game was originally slated for launch earlier this year, but after fans of the Roller Coaster Tycoon franchise expressed their outrage due to the game’s lackluster graphics, the developers decided to take time to change the game’s art style. The new video showcased the game’s improved graphics as well as some new features including improved A.I., improved terrain editing tools, and a coaster editor with more options than in previous games.

New Releases:


– FIFA 16

– LEGO Dimensions (Starter Pack)

– Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

– Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer


– Persona 4: Dancing All Night