Matthew’s Weekly Gaming News Wrap-Up 6/26/15-7/2/15

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-Voice actor Nolan North was quoted this week basically saying that he “knows” that Naughty Dog is currently working on the Last of Us 2. I put “knows” in quotations because since then, other sources have rejected this theory. Troy Baker, the voice actor for the main character Joel in the Last of Us has stated that he knows absolutely nothing about a Last of Us sequel. What’s really going on? Basically we don’t know, but would we really be surprised if the critically praised the Last of Us got a sequel? Absolutely not.

-Nintendo’s next console currently known as the NX is reportedly going to go into manufacturing later this year. The manufacturer supposedly in charge is the same manufacturer that creates multiple Apple products, such as the iPhone. What could this possibly mean? Well, it could mean that we’re closer to the NX’s launch than we might have originally thought. With all this NX news, more information about the console itself is bound to be coming out soon, despite whatever Nintendo continues to tell us.

-Many new details concerning Star Wars Battlefront flooded out into the public eye with the start of the game’s new closed Alpha. From new weapons, to more playable characters, to previously unannounced vehicles, there are now plenty of new things to look forward to now that we’re sure that they are in the game. Also, you might even be able to find some new gameplay video hiding in the dark alleyways of the internet, despite the fact that none of that should exist considering this is a closed Alpha. Oh well.


-Batman: Arkham Knight has asserted itself as the fastest selling game during the first week of its launch so far this year, at least in the UK. The previous holder of this title, the Witcher 3, now slips to the number two spot in UK with Arkham Knight surpassing its 200,000 physical copies sold in its first week. The total amount sold for Batman is still unclear, and it’s still unknown how well the game sold in other countries, but nonetheless you can’t take this achievement away from Rocksteady Studios, no matter how broken their PC port of the game still is.

-For those of us still anxious to get our hands on Fallout Shelter but own an Android device, the light at the end of the tunnel is visible at last. The tunnel wasn’t very long and we knew it was bound to happen sooner rather than later, but we now have an official quote stating that the Android version of the game should launch sometime next month.

New Releases:



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