Monday Night RAW Recap – 3/16/15

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by David Joaqui,

With only two Monday Night Raws left till the showcase of the immortals, Raw comes live from Des Moines, Iowa. And it kicked off with the future of WWE, Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins, with Big Show, Kane & JJ Security behind him, addressed the beating Randy Orton gave him at the end of Raw last week. Seth claimed how Orton betrayed him after he vouched for Orton and made him and the rest of The Authority look like fools. Big Show then grabbed the mic and apologized to Seth because he also vouched for Orton, and called him the best talent in WWE. Kane then followed Big Show’s lead and also apologized to Seth and vowed that Orton will pay for his actions. Jamie Noble also said a few words about Seth being his friend not just his boss, and how it hurt Joey Mercury the most, who thankfully had nothing to say. Seth then told Orton he has never messed with anyone like him and accepts his challenge at WrestleMania, but under one condition, he has to face him tonight. That was Orton’s queue to come out. Orton said how he isn’t the face of the WWE, but he is the guy who last week made Seth look like a “little bitch.” Orton accepted Seth’s condition and knew that it wouldn’t be a fair fight, but that it will all be worth it at WrestleMania when he will end the future of WWE.

Promo Thoughts:

Thank god for Randy Orton. This was the second time in a row Randy Orton had to save the opening segment of Raw. Seth wasn’t bad, but this just shouldn’t have been the opening for the second week in a row. Not to mention Big Show, Kane nor JJ Security should have anything to say.

AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella

Match Result: Nikki Bella defeats AJ Lee by pinfall

Match Thoughts: 

The Divas are getting more and more time each week. This one was cut by a commercial, but it didn’t make a difference. They worked what they could and think they did a decent job. Nikki Bella had a nice moment doing push ups during the match. What caught my eye the most was when AJ had Nikki in a head lock but managed to carry her over to the ropes so easily. Yet when AJ hooks the Black Widow every Diva is paralyzed. Brie Bella and Paige also went at it on the outside of the ring to continue to their storyline for WrestleMania.

Ryback vs. The Miz

Match Result: Ryback defeats The Miz by pinfall

Match Thoughts:

The storyline between The Miz and Mizdow was more interesting than this match. Ryback at one point held The Miz so that Mizdow could hit him, but wasn’t able to. Mizdow afterwards didn’t bother to help Miz during the match and let Miz pick up the loss. After the match, Mizdow tried to help Miz up but was instead greeted by a Skull Crushing Finale from the Miz. Not sure if this is the end of the Miz/Mizdow but I really hope they play it out till WrestleMania and the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

After the commercial break, John Cena came out to sign the contract for his fight against Rusev for the United States Championship at WrestleMania. Cena stated how he has signed plenty of contracts in his time, but that this one was the most important contract he has signed. Cena then continued to feed off of the America vs. Russia thing and said how the contract was a Declaration of Independence and WrestleMania is the American Revolution. Rusev then came out but wasn’t escorted by Lana, instead he was escorted by his attorney. His attorney then said how Rusev will not face Cena at WrestleMania because he made no agreement to and the choice was his not Lana’s. But that Rusev will fight him at WrestleMania if Rusev could say his speech without Cena attacking him before. Rusev then bashed America and even called them a cancer to the world. Cena managed to hold himself back and Rusev signed the contract and fled the ring.

Promo Thoughts:

So it is official, John Cena will beat, I mean face Rusec at WrestleMania for the United States Championship. The promo was decent, except that John Cena just sounds ridiculous to me. So a contract signing for the US title is more important than a contract signing you had for the WWE Championship? What was more ridiculous was Rusev’s attorneys accent. The guy clearly wasn’t Russian and wasn’t fooling anyone. The best part of the promo was probably all the “We Want Lana” chants. And well of course the USA chants. Murica!

Kofi Kingston & Big E vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

Match Result: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro defeat Kofi Kingston & Big E by pinfall

Match Thoughts:

I have a question. How does New Day decide which of the three get to fight for the tag team titles? Anyway, the match was rather short and it could have been better. Kofi and Cesaro seemed to have some chemistry that they were working on. And I must say I was wrong about Cesaro and Tyson Kidd because they’ve won me over. At the end of the match, Los Matadores attacked both New Day and Cesaro & Kidd making their claim for the tag titles. Should be interesting to see what happens now that The Usos seem to be out of the picture.

A vignette of Brock Lesnar talking about himself, WrestleMania and Roman Reigns was shown. Lesnar said WrestleMania is the day he shows up, kicks some ass and gets paid for it. He then said that if he stays in WWE he will be WWE Champion, and if he goes, he will be WWE Champion, and Roman Reigns won’t stand in the way of that. He finished off by staying that at WrestleMania he will F up Roman Reigns, “the end.”

Vignette Thoughts:

Brock Lesnar is a scary man. And as staged as it could have been Lesnar still makes it scary. This should have been done live, not through a vignette or via satellite.

Big Show vs. Erick Rowan

Match Result: N/A

Match Thoughts:

Big Show attacked Erick Rowan before the match started and beat him to a pulp. Show even climbed to the second turnbuckle and dropped an elbow right onto Rowan’s chest. It is safe to say Rowan has been buried.

After the break, Kane got a bunch of superstars that will be participating in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal to demonstrate that he will be dominate at WrestleMania in the contest. Before the Battle Royal preview started Mark Henry entered himself in the Andre the Giant Memorial at WrestleMania and tonights as well. No point in saying Mark Henry cleared the ring and won this little Battle Royal preview.

Paul Heyman was standing in the middle of the ring after the commercial break to once again cut a promo for the WrestleMania event in which he is nothing more than a manager in. Heyman described Brock Lesnar as a beast and a conquerer. And at WrestleMania Brock isn’t going their to make love, but coming to make war. During his promo, Heyman’s mic was cut off like the previous weeks. This fired Heyman up again and claimed that no one can stop Brock Lesnar, not even Roma Reigns, and reality will bitch slap with across the face. After calling Roman the next great Samoan Ameri-Can’t, Reigns interrupted Heyman, all while wearing his new I can shirt. Roman then said he wasn’t going to talk to Heyman, but instead to his client. He said that he isn’t expecting a happy ending, and is hoping for a war. Roman said he will probably be carried out of WrestleMania, but he will be carried out with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. And it wouldn’t be a Roman Reigns promo without ending it on a “believe that.”

Promo Thoughts:

Paul Heyman, again is money. He is truly the master of cutting a great promo, and it seems like some what of it has rubbed off on Roman Reigns who didn’t do such a bad job. It was rather short but it did the job. Now only if Brock Lesnar was there in person to retaliate it would have been even better. Only thing I have to say to Roman Reigns is that he doesn’t have to point to his shirt to say he can and he will.

Bad News Barrett, Luke Harper & Stardust vs. Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler & Dean Ambrose

Match Result: Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler & Dean Ambrose defeat Bad News Barrett, Luke Harper & Stardust by pinfall

Match Thoughts:

R-Truth was at commentary again during this match and besides that and stealing the Intercontinental Championship every week, hasn’t wrestled at all during this storyline. Things were a bit slow at first, but then picked up midway when chaos ensued between both teams. After the match R-Truth, who had the title hooked on his back had it stolen by Stardust. After making its way around the crowd, the title ended up back in the center of the ring where Bad News Barrett finally looked tough and Bull Hammered everyone to reclaim his title.

Bray Wyatt talked about how he use to see Abigal on that very chair Undertaker burned last week, and how she would tell Bray about all the lies of the world and people like Taker. Wyatt then said Taker has been afraid to show his face because everyone has felt shame for him after last years loss at WrestleMania where his destiny was taken. He then finished by claiming that WrestleMania will be Taker’s final resting place and the coronation of Wyatt as the new face of fear.

Promo Thoughts:

This was probably the shortest promo Wyatt has done since calling out the Undertaker, but it still was just as effective. Wyatt pretty much called Undertaker a coward. I believe he is ready to carry that torch of darkness. Only time will tell if I’m right.

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins

Match Result: N/A

Match Thoughts:

Before the match started Rollins said that it took 3 weeks for Orton to make a fool of The Authority, but that it only took him 3 hours to make a fool of him. That is when the entire Authority, including Triple H, appeared behind Seth to go and attack Randy Orton. As The Authority went to enter the ring, the arena went black, and out of the darkness appeared Sting with his signature all black bat. Both Sting and Orton cleared the ring of The Authority members and stood side by side as they glared over at the frightened look on the faces of The Authority.

Finally we got Sting to appear on Raw one more time, and even showcasing some of his signature moves like the Stinger Splash and the Scorpion Death Drop. It was a nice moment, but this will probably be all we get of Sting until March 29 at WrestleMania. I can’t wait!