Monday Night RAW Recap – 3/2/15

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With WrestleMania just 27 days away, Monday Night Raw comes live from Newark, New Jersey.

Mr. Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins, kicked off Mondays episode of Monday Night Raw. He began with addressing the Jon Stewart confrontation to come later tonight by telling Stewart to not even show up. Not soon after Roman Reigns interrupted Seth. That didn’t stop Seth from saying how he could out talk Jon Stewart, out rap Wiz Khalifa, out eat Mark Henry and even out wrestle Roman Reigns. Seth then proceeded to tell Roman how he can’t beat Brock Lesnar and that he can. Roman retaliated by telling Seth he had a chance and couldn’t do it. During this time the crowd breaks out into a CM Punk chant. Roman finally takes the offensive and punches Seth in the mouth and finished off J&J Security with a superman punch and spear.

Promo Thoughts:

So pretty much since Roman Reigns can’t cut a good individual promo, for the second week in a row he has an opponent cut one for him where he comes out looking strong in the end. Seth again comes out in rapid fire and gave himself more leverage for next week calling out Wiz Khalifa. Hopefully some of that can rub off on Roman Reigns, we all know he needs it.

After the break Seth Rollins is shown in the back clutching his mouth when he is interrupted by Randy Orton. Orton trying to show he is on Seth’s side tells him he believes in him and should march right into The Authority’s office and demand a match with Roman to prove he is the better wrestler. Can’t wait for the RKO outta nowhere here.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bad News Barrett

With R-Truth at commentary, the Intercontinental title picture is getting real interesting each week. During the match, Ambrose chants filled the arena, and they definitely should have because he is just fantastic in the ring. Barrett, in the middle of the match, chooses to confront R-Truth for taking his Intercontinental title on Smackdown last week and shoves him down. That led to Ambrose capitalizing on Barrett and leaving an opening for R-Truth to take the title again. Only this time Luke Harper appears behind R-Truth and takes the title for himself.

Match Result: Dean Ambrose defeats Bad News Barrett by pinball

Match Thoughts: 

It sucks that Dean Ambrose isn’t really getting to shine on his own here, but the title roulette they have going on with the Intercontinental championship is great. This storyline is picking up with WrestleMania weeks away.

After the match The Miz gathers the locker room in the back to show off his new commercial. The commercial ends up being for erectile disfunction, which leaves The Miz embarrassed with the whole locker room laughing at him. This leads The Miz to yell at Mizdow because he thinks he set him up and ends with him slapping the taste out of Mizdow’s mouth. Mizdow gets in Miz’s face but ends up apologizing because he knows he wouldn’t be there without The Miz.

Promo Thoughts:

Say what you want about The Miz, but he truly is AWESOME. His villainous character is great and has truly saved the career of Damien Sandow. Whenever this ends it should do miracles for both men.

After the break, Bray Wyatt cuts another riveting promo. He says what is on everyones mind and what is truly left of the Undertaker. Wyatt then proceeds to taunt Taker by telling him to come out wherever he is hiding. He even describes himself as fire because they both destroy everything in their path. Behind Wyatt is a wooden casket he says he built for Taker. He tells Taker that at WrestleMania he is going to burn and sets the casket on fire.

Promo Thoughts:

Bray Wyatt is exactly what he says, “The New Face of Fear.” I’ve gotten goosebumps every time Wyatt has cut a promo on the Undertaker. He is just captivating with his presentation and delivery. The same fear Undertaker gave in his prime, Wyatt is doing today. Really wondering what Undertaker’s answer is going to be.

Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Natalya vs. The Usos & Naomi

These teams have shown to work well together, but what really caught my eye during the match was the small portion between Natalya and Naomi. Not sure if it was Natalya’s experience but Naomi looked very good. Not sure why she hasn’t gotten a push for the Divas title, but WWE should really reconsider.

Match Result: The Usos & Naomi defeat Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Natalya by pinball

Match Thoughts:

As fun as it is to watch The Usos, I’m getting real tired of them. Different tag teams need to be given a chance. The Usos are great, but you don’t want them to become the John Cena of the tag team division. Give someone else a chance.

It was announced Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns would be the main event of Raw. Guessing Seth took Orton’s advice.

John Cena graces the WWE Universe with his presence after the commercial break. Before he even gets started more CM Punk chants are heard, right before Cena begins his never give up speech. Cena says how Rusev is a marked man, but right now his sight is set on WrestleMania, and is entering himself in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal Memorial. That is followed by boos from the crowd and an interruption from Stephanie McMahon. Not too happy about how John Cena just placed himself in the match, Stephanie tells Cena he can not compete in the Battle Royal. Stephanie then continues to state how WWE and WrestleMania will continue to be big if Cena sits out this years WrestleMania, which starts the yes chants in the crowd.

Soon after Curtis Axel interrupts and claims himself the greatest Royal Rumble entrant being that he has yet to be eliminated. The crowd feeding off of Axel begin chanting AxelMania. Stephanie then makes Axel vs. Cena and tells Cena the only way he could get a match against Rusev is if he could convince him.

John Cena vs. Curtis Axel

Before the match began Curtis Axel ripped his shirt off in Hulk Hogan fashion and was told by Cena to walk out of the ring because he wouldn’t be walking out of it. In typical Cena fashion he took care of Axel extremely quick and ended him with the STF.

Match Result: John Cena defeats Curtis Axel by submission

Match Thoughts:

This was nothing more than just to get Cena some screen time. Axel is getting a little bit of a push from the crowd, but it will probably be short lived. Just ask Fandango and Adam Rose.

After the match Rusev came out and told John Cena that his answer for a rematch at WrestleMania is a no. I wish it would stay that way, but there is no way Cena gets left off the card.

Following the commercials Triple H appears to speak about Sting and their WrestleMania match. Triple H promises that after WrestleMania is will be like Sting’s career never existed. He then proceeds to call Booker T in the ring to get his opinion as to why Sting never came to WWE. Booker says that it is that Triple H wouldn’t allow him to and that he doesn’t blame him because he would have done the same. Booker then gives Sting some praises and tells Triple H can’t control Sting. Triple H believes Sting didn’t come to WWE because he didn’t want to come here and then proceeds to fire Booker T. After a baffled Booker T begins to walk down the ramp Triple H tells him he was just messing with him and that that was just an example of who has control. Triple H ends his promo by claiming that he will end the last of WCW and put an end to Sting.

Promo Thoughts:

People will bad mouth Triple H, but the man will go down as one of the greatest heels of all time. This most recent promo is why he is the cerebral assassin. The best part about it all is when he is firing Booker T, he doesn’t have to take the Vince McMahon over the top route, but instead does it all nonchalantly. The man knows his stuff.

Nikki Bella (C) vs. Paige for the Divas Championship

Vince McMahon said to keep watching for the Divas, but after this performance not sure what is left to watch. It feels like the Divas title is only being competed by three Divas. They should do what they are doing with the Intercontinental title and give someone else a chance to compete.

Match Result: Paige defeats Nikki Bella by disqualification, Nikki Bella retains the Divas Championship

Match Thoughts:

The match was cut by a commercial break so it could have been a good thing because not much was seen from either Diva. Of course no title change was going to happen so an interference was bound to happen.

After the match both Bellas attacked Paige when out of nowhere AJ Lee appears to rescue Paige. Both Divas cleared the ring of the twins to stand tall in the center. AJ just appears more and more like John Cena to me as the days go on, even in wrestling moves. Where is Emma when you need her.

After the break, AJ and Paige are scene backstage talking to Renee Young where she pretty much says she came back to save the Divas division and that her and Paige are friends since they both want to attack the Bella Twins. If AJ really wanted to save the Divas division then she would have let someone else help Paige. Preferably someone who can wrestle.

Seth Rollins comes out to the Daily Show theme. Seth pulls out his comedic chops and calls Newark the armpit of America, and even jokes that Jon Stewart didn’t show up because he is a coward like everyone else in New Jersey. Jon Stewart finally appears and steals the show from Seth. He calls out Seth on all his actions and even gets under his skin when telling him that The Authority doesn’t care about him because he isn’t headlining WrestleMania. An angered Seth goes to attack Stewart but is stops when he hears Orton’s music playing, allowing Stewart to kick Seth in the groin and escape the ring.

Promo Thoughts:

This was fantastic. Not only was Jon Stewart phenomenal but Seth Rollins showed he could be just as funny. Seth is definitely the future of this business and he is only going to get better.

Luke Harper vs. Daniel Bryan

Looked like Daniel Bryan definitely took some hard bumps in this match. Very physical and every time Bryan fell on his back i definitely cringed. It was a rather short match, but it looks like it was setting up for something bigger

Match Result: Daniel Bryan defeats Luke Harper by submission

Match Thoughts:

After the match Bad News Barrett came out to take his title back, which then started all sorts of title stealing between Ambrose, R-Truth, Luke Harper and Dolph Ziggler. The odd man out was Daniel Bryan who continued his yes chant on the announcers table. Looks like we might have the men competing at WrestleMania for the Intercontinental Championship. Hopefully Bryan gets thrown into that mix as well.

It was announced that Alundra Blayze, also known as Madusa, will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year at WrestleMania. Well deserved by Mrs. Blayze. She definitely did a lot for the Women’s division in her day and had one of the most shocking moments during the Monday Night Wars.

After the break Paul Heyman addressed the rumors regarding Brock Lesnar. Obviously not about the supposed walk out, but saying that Brock will be at WrestleMania and will be the champion as long as he pleases. Heyman then said how everyone believes that Roman will be victorious at WrestleMania, but that only one of two things will happen. Either Brock will viciously take down Roman piece by piece or he will Ronda Rousey his ass. The point is Roman Reigns will get his ass beat by Brock Lesnar

Promo Thoughts:

Paul Heyman is known for how great a promo he could do, but he really felt this one. At one point when he was naming the top guys like Austin, Triple H and Hulk Hogan who thought Reigns would win, a fan in the crowd mentioned Andre the Giant. Heyman went as far to tell the fan he didn’t mention Andre because he was dead and called the fan an idiot. It definitely felt real to me.

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins

The first part of this match could only be described with one word. Snoozer! It was extremely slow with Roman just throwing Seth around. Randy Orton came out to ringside before the commercial break making it the most interesting thing of the first half of the match. The second half was definitely more entertaining. Both Seth and Roman put more into it. Roman even had a very impressive power bomb that showed off his tremendous strength. In the end it was Orton who held Roman’s foot and helped Seth seal the victory.

Match Result: Seth Rollins defeats Roman Reigns by pinfall

Match Thoughts:

The match was kinda slow till everyone started getting involved, but it ended up being pretty good. Even the ending was a nice twist with Orton coming to Seth’s aid, making his eventual turn against Seth even more surprising. Roman ended up clearing the ring of Seth, Big Show, Kane & J&J Security. The comment I loved throughout this entire match came from JBL. He commented on Roman punching Seth earlier in the night as Roman doing what he always does and running out of words to say and just punching someone. Says a lot about Roman’s mic skills.