Monday Night RAW Recap – 3/9/15

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by David Joaqui,

Now just 20 days away, the Road to WrestleMania gets bigger and darker as Monday Night Raw is live from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The night is kicked off with Randy Orton joining Seth Rollins, Kane, Big Show & JJ Security in the center of the ring. Kane begins by welcoming Randy Orton back to The Authority after helping Seth beat Roman Reigns last week on Raw. Big Show follows up on Kane’s words and praises Orton by saying how ruthless he truly is that he would even RKO his own father if he had to. Jamie Noble didn’t have kind words to say as he called Orton a snake that can’t be trusted, but was quickly stopped by Seth Rollins. Rollins, thrilled about having Orton on The Authority’s side again, calls the crowd a bunch of idiots for thinking Orton would ever turn on him. This gets the crowd to start an RKO chant wanting for Orton to turn on The Authority already.

After a handshake between Orton and Rollins, Randy decides to say a few words of his own. He asks them what the hell happened to The Authority and why they were kissing his ass. Orton then proceeded to insult each member of The Authority. He called Kane “the devil’s favorite dumbass,” said Big Show went from being dominant to pathetic, that Jamie Noble was upset because he couldn’t get on all the rides at Disneyland and he could, didn’t even mention Joey Mercury and told Seth he was blinded by his ego. That he is just biding his time till he can dismantle Seth till there is no future and makes him his bitch. After leaving everyone speechless, Orton begins to laugh and tells them he was just screwing with them and to lighten up. After a few moments Rollins joins in on the laughs and says how him and Orton will derail Roman Reigns later on tonight in their 2-on-1 handicap match.

Promo Thoughts:

Although the promo started off slowly it definitely picked up. Not only was Orton great at continuing to get over with the crowd, but Seth Rollins had some nice moments as well. He continues to show off his comedic chops, which is a huge plus for the future. The clock is just ticking till Orton finally turns on The Authority.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett

These two men put on a nice short match. Unfortunately cut by a commercial, what could be seen was good pure wrestling. R-Truth again was at commentary like the past few weeks, and has made the announce team rather entertaining. I’ve also come to the conclusion that Daniel Bryan can’t have a bad match against anyone. Sort of Shawn Michaels esq, and even has the hair to match. At the end of the match, Bad News Barrett attacked Daniel Bryan with a bull-hammer to only have ambrosias bull rush him moments later.

Match Result: Daniel Bryan defeats Bad News Barrett by pinfall

Match Thoughts:

I know you can’t win them all, but Bad New Barrett has only won one match since becoming champion again. He finally did put up a good showing with Bryan, but as champion he needs to do more or WWE needs to have a little more faith in him.

Dean Ambrose vs. Stardust

R-Truth stayed at commentary for this match and was money, again. A competitive contest between Ambrose and Stardust was also cut by a commercial. WWE needs to time these matches better. After the match Ambrose went to claim the Intercontinental title from the turn buckle but was then greeted by Bad News Barrett. This was then followed by Daniel Bryan, Luke Harper and Dolph Ziggler getting involved. This left an opening for R-Truth to grab the title for himself and put it in a burlap sack. After the chaos in the ring subsided, Barrett went to R-Truth and Truth handed him the burlap sack. Truth then high tailed out of the announcers table and had another sack with the real Intercontinental title. The sack Barrett had had a toy Intercontinental title.

Match Result: Dean Ambrose defeats Stardust by pinfall

Match Thoughts:

It has definitely been a fun ride with the title being held hostage every week by someone new. Adding a ladder to this combo should make it 10x better. WWE just needs to stop cutting these matches short because they provide for some great wrestling.

It was announced that WWE will have the first ever Warrior Award at the Hall of Fame this year. And its first recipient will be none other than Connor “The Crusher” Michalek. A true hero and fighter, this 8 year old boy has made his mark not only within WWE but with Connor’s Cure after his passing away last year. Very touching moment it will be when he is inducted.

After the break Paul Heyman was in the center of the ring and played a Roman Reigns promo video. Heyman proceeded to call out the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. He then called the Reigns propaganda as just fantasy, and at WrestleMania Roman will not beat Brock Lesnar nor will Brock Lesnar lose the title. And if a Montreal Screw Job scenario happens, anyone involved will not leave that stadium alive. In the middle of his promo, Heyman’s mic was shut off giving him even more fuel. Heyman then said the line of the night. Heyman said if Brock Lesnar wants to spend his summer unifying the WWE and UFC title, then that is what he will do. The title belongs to Brock Lesnar not the WWE.

Promo Thoughts: 

Words can not due justice for the promo Paul Heyman just cut. That last line in itself spoke millions. You could cut the real life tension with a knife. I’m hoping Heyman continues to feed us great promos like this until WrestleMania, because we know Roman surely can’t.

Before the commercial break Bray Wyatt was shown with Undertaker’s urn telling him to find him, that the reaper awaits him.

Kane & Big Show vs. Ryback & Erick Rowan

To say I really watched or gave this match a chance I would be lying. No interest at all with this one. The most interesting part came after that match when Big Show and Kane were arguing because Show punched Kane costing them the match, forcing Stephanie McMahon to come out and end their conflict. Stephanie McMahon told both superstars that maybe Orton was right in saying Big Show has been too busy whining and Kane too busy getting coffee. She said she wanted the old superstars they were and until then they should pack their bags up and leave the arena.

Match Result:Ryback & Erick Rowan defeat Kane & Big Show by pinball

Match Thoughts:

The fact that I was more interested in Stephanie McMahon’s promo is a huge issue. And to top it off the match had no commercial interruptions. Come on WWE!

Before commercials The Miz was with Wiz Khalifa in the back talking about how both of them should team up and collaborate. Wiz said after Miz’s commercial last week it’d be best if they didn’t team up, but that he found himself a true A-lister, Wizdow. Wizdow, formerly Mizdow, then declared his entrance into the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania in a ramp, which just infuriated Miz.

Wiz Khalifa then performed to a pretty life less crowd. Don’t get me wrong, Wiz is good, but the WWE Universe was not feeling him at all, much like Flo Rida when he performed on Raw. I guess the crowd in Pittsburgh weren’t that big of fans of the hometown artist.

AJ Lee vs. Summer Rae

AJ was accompanied to the ring by Paige, while Summer Rae was strangely accompanied by Cameron and Eva Marie. Guess WWE wanted to get Eva Marie back on TV some how, and what better than as a valet for a Diva who has also disappeared from TV. Not entertaining at all. In my opinion neither Diva looked well, but you need to get them time somewhere.

Match Result: AJ Lee defeats Summer Rae by submission

Match Thoughts:

I hope this isn’t what WWE meant by giving the Divas a chance. Summer Rae doesn’t even know how to take a bump. It hurt to watch this match. The best part was seeing Eva Marie standing at ring side. The new trend should be give NXT Divas a chance, because these Divas have just been disappointing.

A video promo of Sting’s reasoning for wanting to face Triple H at WrestleMania was shown after the commercial break. Sting called himself the face of retribution and how WCW fell into the watch of a broken authority, in which he failed to keep alive. But in this case Sting controls Triple H’s destiny and has been waiting 14 years to take him down. He finishes by telling Triple H that at WrestleMania “game over.”

Promo Thoughts:

Finally Sting’s side was heard. The vigilantly usually isn’t heard from so this was a good job on WWE’s part. Unfortunately it was done in video form so it loses some effect. Either way, it makes things just as exciting and filled with anticipation.

Rusev vs. Curtis Axel

I’m loving the AxelMania gimmick. An extremely quick victory for Rusev, so not much else here.

Match Result: Rusev defeats Curtis Axel by submission

Match Thoughts:

Keep up the AxelMania thing. Curtis Axel has never been more popular.

After the match, Rusev called all American’s spineless and filled with jello. This caused John Cena to come out and fight for all Americans, which no one asked him to. Cena put Rusev in the STF until he passed out. He then let Rusev wake up and locked in the STF again. This caused Lana to overreact and grant Cena a match at WrestleMania for the United States Championship. There goes Rusev’s streak.

Big E & Xavier Woods vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

The match was working up to be some what decent and then a completely ineffective ending happened. Tyson Kidd was rolled up by Xavier Woods after being distracted for a second, not even hit or anything, and won. Kidd didn’t even try to fight the pin. Poorly sold by Kidd.

Match Result: Big E & Xavier Woods defeats Tyson Kidd & Cesaro by pinfall

Match Thoughts:

Hopefully the WWE isn’t doing what they did with Bad News Barrett as champion and just feed Tyson Kidd & Cesaro to the wolves. Might be that they want another tag team turmoil for WrestleMania.

Naomi vs. Natalya

Another rather short match, because of commercials, but unlike the tag team match that it followed, it wasn’t executed poorly. Naomi and Natalya both seem to work well with each other. And instead of this feud between them and the Usos they should be in the Divas hunt.

Match Result: Naomi defeats Natalya by pinfall

Match Thoughts:

This is where you give Divas a chance. Use the Summer Rae’s of the division as valets and the Naomi and Natalya’s in the singles matches. These girls did a great job in there short time.

Los Matadores vs. The Usos

The Divas match hadn’t been over and the Matadores were already coming out for their match with the Usos. Either way this was a great high paced match. Matadores worked so well with the Usos in this one. It was a nice back and forth battle that didn’t feature so many stops.

Match Result: Los Matadores defeated The Usos by pinfall

Match Thoughts:

I’m more than sure now it will be a tag team something at WrestleMania. There was literally no pause between entrances in these couple matches. I’m not upset about it all though. Even better it looks like WWE is ready to give someone else a chance at tag team gold. Looks like A New Day!

Bray Wyatt showed up in the middle of the ring after the break to continue to call out the Undertaker. Wyatt talked about his dreams and how he always sees cities burning and governments crumbling, but that he always follows the buzzards. And underneath those buzzards lays the mighty Undertaker. Wyatt continues by saying how it has always been about the Undertaker and how he wants to walk over his broken bones to his throne as the new face of fear. He then proceeded to open the urn and call out to the Undertaker, when smoke began to rise from the urn and then the gong hits. All of a sudden Bray’s chair is in the center of the ring and the deadman’s voice is heard around the arena saying “You will rest in peace.” Lighting then strikes the chair causing Bray Wyatt to burst out in laughter.

Promo Thoughts:

Wow! That is honestly enough to describe this promo. Bray Wyatt was money with everything. And the execution with Taker was perfect. He doesn’t even have to be seen. Finally we have our answer and the deadman will be at WrestleMania on March 29.

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton & Seth Rollins

The match was exactly what it had to be. Roman Reigns got the victory, although wasn’t highlighted much at all, and finally the turn the entire WWE Universe had been waiting for. The best part was the way Orton made it known he had enough. Seth Rollins went in for the tag and Orton just stepped back and flipped the bird or should I say birds. That gave Roman the opening for the W.

Match Result: Roman Reigns defeats Seth Rollins & Randy Orton by pinfall

Match Thoughts:

This was excited perfectly. I expected the Orton turn but not tonight. And especially with the signature Stone Cold flip off. Not only that but he then proceeded to beat Rollins senseless around the arena which just made the crowd go nuts and put him over even more. Then cap it off with an RKO through the announcers table. It was fantastic, and giving everyone a small taste of what the Attitude Era was like.