Movie Question Contest 2/12/13

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Hey all. Scott here. Congrats are in order to Shea Zubair out of Jamaica, New York for winning our last movie giveaway contest.

Do you want to win Skyfall on Blu-ray?

Here’s this week’s question.  It’s a two part question.

Who do you feel is the actor that has best portrayed 007 and what is your favorite Bond film of all time?

Make sure you add the reason behind your responses!

Answer that two part question and like us on Facebook/Twitter and you are well on your way to getting Skyfall delivered to your doorstep.  If you have already done the Facebook/Twitter part, you are one step ahead of the game.  The winner will be announced Tuesday February 19th.  Good luck!

Contest Rules

1. Provide the best answer to the question of the week
2. Like us on Facebook
3. Follow us on Twitter to double your chances
4. You can’t win more than once a month

Once you follow those 4 simple steps you are entered to win the movie of the week on Blu-ray.

The contest will run from Tuesday through Monday with the winner announced Tuesday and this will be a weekly contest.

Oh and remember that they ONLY website giving away NEW movies EVERY week is!

Ready to get started??? Ready, set, ANSWER!

  • The best Bond has to be Gold Bond Medicated since 1908. When my armpits are chafed, it’s the only Bond I turn to. Now send me Skyfall.

    • Steve Farace

      Well Mr. Stiglitz, please make sure to obey the rules and like us on Facebook! Great work!

  • I liked you under my pseudonym Snowballs Malone.

  • Chris

    I have a message for Snowballs malone. A certain video will be going viral at 3:00pm EST on Feb 14th finally revealing your true identity. Stay out of Colombia!

    The Wolf

  • Campbelldropout

    Timothy Dalton was the best Bond. He brought a toughness to the character that Moore could never bring and Connery wasn’t hard edge enough. Dalton was Fleming’s Bond, it just sucks that he only had two films. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is the best Bond film great score, great action, the best Bond girl, and a shocking ending. Best adaption of Flemings novel.

  • Shahriar Alam

    The best Bond is Sean Connery, by far. He has set the standards against which the rest of the Bond actors are judged. Connery wore the suit better, delivered the humor better, and wasn’t the thug Craig appears to be. And he did it all while sporting a toupee.

    Dr. No is my all time favorite Bond movie, followed by Casino Royale, Skyfall and Goldeneye.

  • Rafael

    Going with Connery would be too easy of a choice since he was the original. My favorite Bond has to be Craig. He is the only Bond to lose someone he was close to (M) or someone he was in love with (Vesper) All the other Bonds have never endured the physical abuse that Craig takes in only 3 movies. They are all entertaining. Hopefully Craig has 3 more left in him before he passes it on to the next guy…

  • Rafael

    To complete my entry A View To A Kill is my favorite Bond movie cause it has my favorite villain of all time in it… Christopher Walken

  • Damian

    This isn’t even debatable to me. The BEST Bond of our time is hands down Mr. Daniel Craig. Sure the other bonds ranged from great ( Connery,Roger Moore) to servicable ( Brosnan,Dalton) but for my money, pound for pound, Daniel Craig steals the show. He is a bull in a China cabinet. he’s rough around the edges and has a pitbull attitude that screams ” Go Fuck Yourself” His turn in Casino Royale was brilliant and Skyfall explored Bond as a trouble youth. I’m taking Casino Royale as the Best Bond film followed closely by Skyfall and The Living Daylights!

  • Steve Farace

    Congrats to RAFAEL on winning the contest this week! He will be receiving a copy of Skyfall!