Movie Question Contest 2/19/13

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Hey all. Steve here. Congrats are in order for Rafael Laruy from Coral Springs, FL for winning our last movie giveaway contest for Skyfall!

Let’s move on to this weeks contest! Who is ready to win ARGO?!?


Here’s this week’s question:

Which of these Ben Affleck movies do you consider to be the best and why?


The Town

Gone Baby Gone

We have a bonus giveaway this week! We have an Argo hat that we are going to be giving away and that will go to the runner-up in this weeks contest!

Submit your answer using the comment section below and you are entered! Make sure you are reading the rules!

Contest Rules

1. Provide the best answer to the question of the week
2. Like us on Facebook
3. Follow us on Twitter to double your chances
4. You can’t win more than once a month

Once you follow those 4 simple steps you are entered to win the movie of the week on Blu-ray.

The contest will run from Tuesday through Monday with the winner announced Tuesday and this will be a weekly contest.

Oh and remember that they ONLY website giving away NEW movies EVERY week is!

Ready to get started??? Ready, set, ANSWER!

  • Mark Frengich

    I’m going with the Town on this one. He’s a badass with a soft side and he’s man enough to wear a pig mask.

  • Greivis

    Definitely The Town. Argo and Gone Baby Gone are no sluches but for my money, The Town had everything. Great acting, non-stop action and a fianle that rivaled the robbery scene in Heat with Deniro/Pacino.

  • Cynthia

    Completely disagree with all the love for The Town. It was entertaining but Argo was a bonafide Oscar winner for Best Picture. Gone Baby Gone and The Town will never be mentioned in the same breath. Argo was powerful, pulse pounding., and most of all, it was true. Ben Affleck has certainly got his career arc to head upward. Argo, in a landslide!

  • Steve Farace

    Completely forgot to make this official! Congrats Cynthia!