Movie Question Contest – 1/8/13

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Hey all – Steve here.

At, we like to have a lot of fun! If you have read some of our articles or listened to our PODCAST, you can tell we aren’t the most serious bunch in the world. We began something called our Movie Question of the Week last year and while its popularity was there, we simply got away from it. Well, fear no more CST fans – it is BACK!

Here is how it works – we ask a question and you answer it. Easy, right? Well it is not a trivia question – that would be too easy with our good friend Google out there. It will be more of a conversation starter – we will make a decision by the end of the week of who has the most interesting or thought-provoking post and that person will win that weeks movie of the week!

Nice and easy, right? We are going to get you started off even easier than that! All you have to do this week to win DREDD is to like us on FACEBOOK! That’s all! If you want to double your odds, you can also follow us on TWITTER!

This weeks winner will be chosen on Saturday – Good luck people.