NARDO Believes In Truth, But Also Believes in JUSTICE LEAGUE

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A few years ago, I was sitting in my favorite dim sum spot discussing with my then boyfriend fan casting our prospects in case the Justice League was ever made into a movie. At the time, Christian Bale was still Batman & I want to say we had drastically opposite picks for the rest of the cast (much like our needs in other people). So when DC started to make Marvel moves, I truly anticipated the release of their band of heroes. However, it’s not new news that DC wasn’t exactly meeting standards with other movies that prefaced it so standards were questionable. Zack Snyder had a lot of promises to to keep and considering I’ve always been a Buffy fan Joss Whedon held my hope.

The good was good. Casting could have not been better considering we have already met three of the six Justice Leaguers. Gal Gadot still shined as Wonder Woman with her honorable way of being, Ben Affleck still gave us a different take on a more animated version of Batman & Henry Cavill reminded us that Superman has an S on his chest for a reason (It’s so we stare at his pecs). As for the newcomers, Jason Momoa was everything we needed in Aquaman. Cocky, manly, and created a dark humor that is a great juxtaposition to the amazing Ezra Miller’s Flash. Miller created such dynamic for the team that it was clear he was meant to be Barry Allen in more ways than any audience can expect with an introverted/extroverted movement. Cyborg took a moment to truly jump off screen but eventually he was a good component. Other amazing points was the lightness that surrounded what seems to be a somber beginning. It is something we have come to not expect from the director but a very interesting turn. It was truly a lot funnier than I think most people would expect.

Now even though the characters truly brought this film together, and its significant considering that’s what this movie is about, the composition was not the best. Choppy scene transitions but that could possibly be due to the fact that there was no magnificent introduction to the new heroes. The score left something to be desired & the first act did not set the appropriate tone for the film. Not to mention the CGI for such a big budget was so odd, I wasn’t sure how someone in the editing room did not question whether or not they were working with animation. It does not mean that the film falls flat on it’s face but it definitely Bambi stumbles a bit.

To wrap it up for the podcast (ya’ll will get that later), It was not the epic we were looking for but maybe the epic we needed. Much like my demised relationship, it had it’s highs and lows but we needed to believe in these characters again to put more hope behind DC. Wanting to explore this team will be what brings it to the ultimate test when we get to sequels.