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Nardo Falls Off the Deep End for A STAR IS BORN.

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In a rare occasion a movie is made that robs of us of enjoying the feeling of being an emotional void. Some of us enjoy not constantly having to “feel” things and just raveling in our own constant misery. A Star is Born breaks down those ice walls in our soul and set us up for any investable ride that we gladly pay tickets for. Not only is this film filled with touch tones of what it’s like to suffer for those that you love, but it holds those moments wrapped in sincerity with music. Bradley Cooper slides over seamlessly into the director position and Lady Gaga to leading lady. The story is one we have heard but now, in new sounds that can only be described as a soundtrack that will stay in you as much as the feels.

Gaga breathes life into Ally, a bright-eyed, big nosed, no nonsense singer that is approached by Jack Maine, a well-known Johnny Cash type mountain man, who knowns that her voice needs to be heard. Their whirl wind begins quickly, and their love is tested by those that surround the music industry including jealousy. The plot unfolds in close ups on Gaga and Cooper in ways that make you feel you are a part of the intimate situations. We can almost smell the whiskey and smoke coming from the screen as much as we can feel their hearts beating for each other. Cooper also does a great job with how the transitions in this movie surround the music as much as the main characters. There is no score in this film, just his voice or Gaga’s which I think really captures the tones in the right moments. Not only did the main stars have outstanding performances, the supporting cast of Sam Elliot, Dave Chappell, Anthony Romas and Andrew Dice Clay (which who would of thought) truly give the right background needed to make Ally and Jack.

The slight pit fall in the film is really only one thing: the fact that when Gaga’s Ally is finally coming into her own fame, her naiveté is a little unbelievable. Yes, I am separating the fact that she is Lady Gaga and if you know anything about her, she is anything but meek. Gaga as an artist has never had to pick something she didn’t authentically stand by and has been very vocal about that (the woman put all her money back into her craft just so she could have creative say). So, when Ally has her moments of, “Can this truly be!” It doesn’t really sell well. It doesn’t mean you won’t love the character, but it won’t be for that reason. It’ll be for her unyielding force behind Jack and not being scare of him but there for him. As for Cooper, he had no problem in his portrayal of damage but soulful musician. It is his chemistry with Gaga that truly shows he can still give a top-notch performance while guiding a film.

No this is not the first time A Star is Born has graced us, and though the originals do have their place in phenomenal film history, this remake ensures that it was worth the revisiting. There is nothing “Shallow” about this movies (a joke you’ll get later) and I for one am willing to fall off the deep end into this over and over again.