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Nardo Notices: They got these kids laughing in here again?

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By Jessica Marie Nardo,

Any film aficionado knows about the Wilhelm Scream. It’s that slightly pitchy scream you have been hearing in almost every kind of movie and ranges from obvious to barely noticeable. It was not until YouTube decided to release compilations about it that most people realized how far back it went (We are talking the 1950s). With that little tidbit of knowledge rattling in my brain, I began to wonder, well what about the one with the kid laughing? Seriously, it’s a sound of kids giggling low then loud with one giggle standing out, kind of like a trill (ok, not the best description but this one was hard to put into words). The first time I started to notice that this sound bite was being used everywhere, wasn’t in a movie but in a commercial. In fact, it was a damn Publix commercial which already drains me of emotion (I dare you not to get choked up at the pilgrim salt and pepper shakers!). So once again, I turn to google to find out if indeed, the creepy kids laughing I kept hearing was a real thing.

It really didn’t take too much to find the origins of said sound clip, however, the story of how it came to be was just as intriguing. Apparently, it’s called the Diddy Laugh. No relation to Sean Combs. According to an article released by Variety back in 2017, “The Diddy Laugh is hosted in a commonly used digital library, and editors often use it to supplement scenes in which children are laughing, but don’t need to sound particularly crisp or authentic. (Sounds are often added to digital libraries after they are created, which prevents editors from having to create every effect from scratch.)”

The other interesting thing about this particular sound bite is that it got its name from a video game, “Diddy Kong Racing” from 1997 (Not Mario Kart). If you start the game up, you can hear the laugh clear as day. Beyond that, this laugh was used in a slew of movies including, Mulan, Man on Fire, Monsters Inc., Taken, Sherlock Holmes, etc.

With that being said, below is a link in which you can hear said laugh and list the films or television show you’ve heard it in on Facebook, Instagram or right here. Make sure you rate, review and subscribe to The Cinesportstalk Radio Network and catch me on The Knowbodies Movie Show!