Nardo Says CREED II Will You Give The Kick In The Butt You Need

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Boxing tends to truly lend itself to the cinematic landscape. Go back into your minds and think in comparison the amount of inspirational boxing movies in comparison to other sports. Not to bash football or basketball for that matter, I mean sure Space Jam is truly inspiring if you think about it but something about the toe to toe contact and gloves hitting that tends to bring audiences to their feet more so. Creed II is about to be among those in the likes of Ali or Million Dollar Baby. Yes, not first of it’s kind or hell, the first bit a sequel, yet it’ll hold it’s own in a strong grip just as much as the first one.

Michael B. Jordan, insert sweat here, returns as Adonis Creed after some time of making a name for himself much like his father, Apollo and continued champion of his corner Rocky. Tessa Thompson still breaths the softest yet mesmerizing of breaths as Bianca Porter, Creed’s true love, who keeps him grounded when needed. Climbing the ladder of boxing success proves to be a place where he belong until the past decided to return to, sorry for the pun, punch him in the face. Ivan Drago, who if you are as much a fan of the Rocky movies as I should know the significance here, brings forth son Viktor to reclaim the ever so sought after champion title and a return to their highs of highs. Our story begins just there and the intricacies are ones that many a movie goers may be able to call but will be just as drawn in.

Significant attention should be called on how the composition of casting truly lends itself to the film. Jordan, as the new leading man of all our hearts, still dazzles as Creed as well as gives new looks to what it’s like to define yourself when your name carries such a heavy definition. Sylvester Stallone uses a struggling Rocky as his way to keep Creed from making his mistakes but has his own rather compelling arch. Real props should go to Florian “Big Nasty” Munteanu, who plays Drago Jr. and although has maybe a total of 50 words in the film, half being in Russian, was able to emote such emotion with significant stares that it pretty much matched him up with the, once again I can not help the pun, heavy hitters, in the movie. The other easter eggs also create plenty “ohs” and “ahs” to satisfy most of us. Not to mention the serious banging soundtrack brought to you by Mike-Will-Made-It that can only be matched by Kendrick’s Black Panther.

The only minor complaint that can be made is how the movie will be very reminiscent of a story we may have seen, yet as aforementioned still enticing, and Dolph Lundgren, Drago Sr, takes too long to get his footing in his role. It feels as if we are all waiting Drago to be Drago but he is too much Drago is that can be better said. Also, sorry to disappoint but no, “If he dies, he dies” are anywhere in sight though they somewhat try to make up for it.

For those of you that need that extra kick to get yourself in gear, whether going to the gym more, finally writing that screenplay, or even in life, I dare you to not feel like that spark by the end credits here with Creed II. This film will stand with the others that bring said inspiration and create another stamp of wins for Jordan.

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