Nardo Says Horror Fans Will Enjoy The New And Improved ANNABELLE: CREATION

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As a little girl, nothing brought me more joy than playing with my Barbies. I had so many that I was able to create my own army of glamorized but intelligent women who were going to take over the world. So, when dolls started to be used in horror as a means to terrorized, I started packing the obsession in. Although Chucky is our first play thing that played with us, Annabelle has a creditable history that should excite horror fans. The first one fell flat for Conjuring universe fans and it was a poor attempt at trying to further those doors. The bar was set dangerously low for Creations but I will say that in general, not all that bad.

The beginning of the film does a good job at leading you into a false sense of security by keeping everything simple and alluring. What you think is the first jump scare, turns out to just be a sweet family interaction. All goes south when doll maker, Samuel Mullins (played by Anthony LaPaglia who didn’t really bring depth to the character) and his wife Esther Mullins (Miranda Otto having the better chops in this one) lose their only daughter, Annabelle aka Busy Bee. It is in the transition of loss that they open their doors to a group of orphan girls and their over protecting nun Sister Charlotte, Stephanie Sigman doing a pretty decent job, that the doll comes into play. The pros of the film are that it captures eeriness that was absent from the first with how the doll was used. Not to mention that jump scares were well played in this one more so than its predecessor.  That is no doubt due to the direction of David F. Sandberg fresh off his horror hit Lights Out based off the short film of the same name. Sandberg was smart in how he used the story and still managed to place easter eggs that fans would enjoy throughout the film. The general telling of the story was very satisfying, the exposition was not long, the transitions where smooth and with the exception of a rather long fourth act, it did have a pay off.

Some of the duds however include the traditional and predictable troupes that is usually seen in horror. The film does this thing where it needs to satisfy every answer by having a look back at how the terror started which felt a little out of place. Otto could have told the story with out us having to take a look at it. Also, they had one of the orphan girls wearing the same overalls though out the whole movie when her counter parts had different clothes. It was annoying and distracting. The characters, as previously mentioned, left a lot to be desired for. They really didn’t make you care for them other than the general survival.

If you are a fan of the universe, Annabelle: Creation will be fun to watch and an entertain experience. If you are a regular horror fan you will probobly have a good time in the theater too. However if you ar looking for originality and more thrilled rake aspects here, dont’t bother.