Nardo Says You Should Float On Over And See IT

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Blood, balloons, and one fear hungry clown is a concept audiences should be familiar with. If not clearly you don’t know IT. The reboot of the classic 1990 miniseries (based off the Stephen King book of the same name) brings back to life the ever so frightening Pennywise, now played by Bill Skarsgård, and carries many of the same fears that were used in the original. Director Andrés Muschietti is no stranger to the genre having had his debut with Mama, but now brings a distinct eye when he is presenting the familiar story. Not to mention the fresh faces that adorn the film, one being Finn Wolfhand of Stranger Things fame (and clearly luck out with the best lines of the film). Very little is to be said about the flaws of the film but it was not a complete hit out of the sewer.

The opening of the film is nearly frame by frame redo of the original but that is where it stops. The film demonstrates the torturing of Pennywise to the children involved in a more gruesome fashion and they definitely heighten how the fear stories come to life. The scenery is still primarily the small town of Derry where more kids go missing in periods of time than most places in the country. The band of Losers begin to explore this when Pennywise begins to try his hand in picking his next meals. What really makes this film special is the increase in horror compared to the original. Yes, it could be said that because the original was a made for TV, and thank you Lifetime for creating such a bad taste in peoples mouth for that, but the simplicity within IT is what made IT, IT. However, seeing Pennywise take no prisoners as far as his actions are concerned was really well done. The amplified fear and jump scares were well placed with the over all vision of the film.

As for some of the balls dropped, or balloons in this case, the film dragged more than it should have. The build was done well and transitions were clean but there was parts that went on a little too long for the purpose of the story. There was no need to take so long to get to the hide out where the real action happens. Also, there was an arch that, without giving too much away, had a purpose in the beginning but then pretty much just became a useless obstacle for bringing down the clown. It just felt out of place.

The film does more good than bad and face it, kids cursing up a storm also have a sweet comedic element to this horror piece. For a fearful fun ride, float on to IT.

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