Nardo Vomits Delightful Unicorn Rainbows After Watching DEADPOOL 2.

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What do you get when you mix glitter sprinkles with colored coffee and a splash whip cream? A Unicorn Frappuccino? No, just colorful shit and that is exactly the same outcome for the return of Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2. Sharp eyes and ears are needed for this sharp-witted masterpiece of a film and if you are looking for a tear jerking a la Wolverine, it will only be present because you are laughing so hard. In addition to the magnificent writing, thanks to the dynamic trio of Reynolds, Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick, not only do you get your kicks but you also get some serious action packed scenes that you may not be entirely ready for. However, in order to fully enjoy this movie, not much should be reviled. In accordance to that, know your X-Men before jumping into the film. It’ll have a fantastic payoff throughout.

So, what can be talked about? Zazie Beet’s Domino for sure. It would be pretty hard to go against returning favorites and much anticipated Josh Brolin as Cable, but Beet’s held beyond her own as she brought an innocent glare to the team. In the comics, Domino has some interesting story arcs and an origin that relates more to “genetically enhanced” (hmm remind you of anyone we’ve seen before) but the film does not relate to that. Instead, Beet’s is pair to match Reynold’s quick one liners and her luck plays a major part in the visual spectacular action scenes she is in.

Another notable factor that can be revealed is the execution of the film and its components. Yes, the characters bring comedy and action but the transition, soundtrack & visuals mold well. Even when Cable moves his arm around, it’s not the basic electric sci-fi like sound. It has a specific click and tone, much like how the music comes in place in the right spots. It’s a collection of pleasantries like Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” then twist into dubstep “Bangarang” Skrillex feat. Sirah (whether it’s a joke or serious, you be the judge). Of course, there is one small flaw the movie has. Though it has a story, and it’s a good story, it’s not the same sentimental triumph we got with the first one with Deadpool trying to save the only thing he loves more than undercutting people and that is Vanessa, played by Morena Baccarin. She plays a vital role yet there are others such as Julian Dennison’s Russell that truly pull at the barb wired heart strings.

Crying and laughing in the same breath is the best way to go in to enjoy Deadpool 2. It’s hard not be giddy and excited at all the surprises that pop up on screen. It’s even harder to keep that all that colorful goodness down without throwing up rainbows.