Nardo’s Notable 5 – Top 5 Summer Camp Movies

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With summer being almost over, insert heavy groan, let’s take a trip down memory lane and recognized the movies that represent summer: Camp movies. Sure, it’s been a moment since one has been made but it was these films that made use want to smell like bug spray and sneak off to the lake at night. So grab the bug juice in a mason jar and pick one of these summer fun favorites to set your week right.

5. Wet Hot American Summer

Satire at it’s fucking best. Not only did this film put together an insane ensemble cast including a not t0o famous yet Bradley Cooper but also SNL giant Amy Poehler. What makes this movie particularly genius is that it all revolves around the last day of summer camp and what happens when counselors need to let off some steam. Kind of makes you wonder if you were going to be in Camp Firewood’s talent show, what would your talent be?

4. Heavyweights

Before White Goodman in Dodgeball there was Tony Perkis in Camp Hope. Written and produced by the great Judd Apatow, this movie chronicles the poor unfortunate souls who get sent to fat camp. At first, it seems like a healthy place where they can deal with being over weight but then the horror begins. However, don’t ever get between a hungry person and their food! A true comedy with great dialogue and a must see.

3. Camp Nowhere

Imagine being a teenager and for summer your parents want to send you to the lamest of lame summer camps to continue to ruin your life. So it is only natural that you and you rag tag gang of friends create your own summer camp, right? Well that’s what you get here. Never mind that the movie is filled with early 90s heart throbs such as Jonathan Jackson and Andrew Keegan, but a wonderful “adult” supervisor played by Christopher Lloyd demonstrates that living free is for every age. What makes this movie special is the cast is primarily young kids who eventually became up and comers, not to mention the amazing 4th act of transforming the camp.

2. Parent Trap

Ok, I may get some shit for this but I don’t care. Lindsey Lohan, before the crazy fame, the drugs and the DUIs, brings back to life twins Annie and Hallie in this 1998 remake of a 60s classic. Yes, yes summer camp is only involved in the beginning but that’s truly what makes Lohan shines as she takes on both roles. Not to mention not knowing you have a twin! And then even worse, she’s just as good at poker than you! Well, it definitely needs a watch.

1. Sleep Away Camp

Can’t have summer without some horror and although this is not the 80s slasher film you have been expecting, trust me it’ll leave you with just as good of a twist as good ol’ hockey mask and machete. This little known cult movie has all the greatness that encompasses scary movies in the woods but it’s the brutal deaths of the young campers and counselors alike that draw you in. All special in their own way (“Hey Bobbery Bob” will become your go to phrase). It was because of this movie I did not go to any sleep away camps and to this day I still keep it strictly day camps.