Nardo’s Notables – Top 5 Slasher Movies

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October is still a month and a half away but my black heart is pounding for the awaited reboot of It this September. Due to this highly anticipated release, I decided to bridge the gap with our latest Knowbodies Movie Show episode and cut deeper into the greatest slashers of all time. So don’t say “I’ll be back” or go wandering into the dark woods alone until you’ve upped your knowledge on the masked maniacs waiting behind the corner.

5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The guy’s name is Leather Face, enough said. The chainsaw wielding classic, yes I am referring to the original ’74 one, has great gritty cinematography and seriously has you questioning the value of road trips. When a bunch of young hippies find themselves in the grasp of hilly billy psychos, there is no escape from them luring you into a false security and their large younger brother skinning your face off to wear.

4. Friday the 13th Series

Yes, yes I know that Mrs. Voorhees was the technically the first slasher so for the sake of this notable let’s just give it to the series. As corny as the movies continued to be, Jason became the most unstoppable slasher. He’s come back from hell, he’s fought other slashers, and he does so with just a machete. Crystal Lake counselors couldn’t get a solid groping session in without this heavy breathing maniac on the loose. What also makes this franchise excessively interesting is that it is the only horror franchise with the most movies made within it surpassing other slashers.

3. Halloween

Here I’d prefer to stay on the original or the Rob Zombie remake. Many consider Michael Myers to be the original slasher of horror films. John Carpenter credits his influences from early horror pioneer Alfred Hitcock and it is definitely seen in how the movie is filmed. Holding tight shots in dark shadowy settings with ominous movement really draws the viewer in. What’s even more predominate is the easily recognizable theme that rings every time Mr. Myers is about to attack, also created by the great Carpenter.

2. Scream

Ok, now to begin to recognize the greatness that was Wes Craven with giving credit to the first horror films that went uber meta, the Scream franchise. I will not go to far into parts 2-4 but I will say that the humor mix with the terror is what made those films. The first time we meet Sidney Prescott, we get sucked into a world of “guess who” that has the best pay offs. Now even though Ghostface is the slasher and his encompass is always changing, it’s figuring out who’s behind there that really amps up the story. Not to mention the fact that it was this film that finally gave us the rules of surviving a horror movie!

1. A Nightmare on Elm Street

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you! My last notable is dedicated to the guy who haunted my dreams (literally I have a vivid nightmare of Freddy coming after me as a kid). I first saw this movie, swear, hiding behind my parents couch while they watched it in the living room and I was suppose to be in bed. Big mistake because not even my Rainbow Brite comforter could save me. What makes him the real number one is that we have always felt that it was a monster under our bed that was waiting, when in reality, it was much worse. You couldn’t run, you couldn’t hide and you couldn’t SLEEP.