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Natalie Says The Hundred Foot Journey is A Delicious Trip Worth Taking!

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The Hundred Foot Journey


Film Review: By Natalie Restivo





If you are looking for a heartwarming picture that will be sure to have you see-sawing back and forth between laughter and tears, The Hundred Foot Journey is the movie for you. Directed by Chocolat’s Lasse Hallström and produced by the great Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey, this novel adaption is fully brought to life on the big screen in displays of beautiful color, breathtaking scenery and loads of mouthwatering food you swear you can actually smell.


After being displaced from their native India, the Kadam family settles into a small town in the South of France. Led by the family’s chef, Hassan Kadam, (Manish Dayal), the family-run Indian eatery opens, much to the dismay of the neighboring Michelin Star restaurateur Madame Mallory, played by Academy Award Winner Helen Mirren. As the two establishments clash in culture and style, Hassan’s food and desire to enhance his cooking technique bring the two closer together.



Bridging the two very different restaurants and cultures, is the relationship between Hassan and Madame Mallory’s sous chef Marguerite (Charlotte Le Bon). The two sizzle in and out of the kitchen making their interaction a delight to watch. As the two bond, they motivate each other in their craft and challenge each other to be better. Infusing his native Indian dishes and spices with the infamous French cuisine he learns along the way, Hassan begins to build a name for himself in the French cooking community.


Besides the delightful interaction between Hassan and Marguerite, you will be sure to love the Kadam family patriarch, Papa, played by Om Puri. You will laugh as he insist on bringing his Indian style, music, clothing and culture to life in the picturesque French countryside. I most enjoyed the love he shows for his family and his desire not let the stuffy Madame Mallory chase his restaurant dreams away.


The Hundred Foot Journey is a touching story that will be sure to have you smiling as you exit the theater; as well as running to the nearest French/Indian restaurant in hopes of sampling some of the delicious dishes this movie brought to life.


Final Word:  StarStarStarHalf Star