NBA Finals are well on their way to Steve’s prediction of Cavs in 6

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Well – it’s only 2 games to 1, but my prediction of Cavs in 6 is looking pretty good right now. With the Finals format of 2-2-1-1-1, game 4 will be in Cleveland followed by game 5 at Golden State. I see the Cavs going up 3-1 before losing at the Warriors house and then going back to Cleveland to put a bow on it. The great thing about this series has been that the games have been so close that if there was a bounce that went this way or that way, one team could easily be up 3-0. The problem for the Warriors is that the MVP hasn’t come up big at all and has, at times, disappeared from the court. He should know better than to try those behind-the-back passes with 2 min left in the game. Even the shots that he was taking late in the game were not good looks, but because he is Steph Curry, they were dropping. Nobody can blame him though. The Warriors (besides their coach a million years ago) has any Finals experience. LeBron has now been to 5 straight Finals! That’s absurd. He has grown up since the last time he went to the Finals with Cleveland and he has Miami to thank for that. No Love, no Kyrie, no problem.


Now, on to the Cavs. They are just doing it all. They did put a scare into their fans last night when they took their foot off the gas, but the finished it out in the end. Will we see our first Australian Finals MVP? Probably not, but nobody (on either team) can say that they are out-hustling Matthew Dellavedova. He is all over the court and if he sees a ball get deflected in any direction he is diving after it. So, we you have a mixture of veteran leadership and hustle (and you have the best player in the game) you have yourselves a 2-1 series lead. The Cavs have to be careful, though – like I said earlier – a bounce here and a bounce there and the series could have been written differently so far. Oh and Steve Kerr – why in the world has David Lee not played more often? Anyway, Kerr is saying that the Warriors are one win away from being where they need to be. Well, that win will come in game 5, so he has one more game to dig the hole a bit deeper.

Cavs in 6.