NBA Playoffs – Round 1 Predictions

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Hi all – Steve here.

In what seems like the longest of all sports seasons, the NBA Playoffs are finally here! Seriously, can we shorten the season already? This year the first round is full of interesting match-ups. Even the Warriors could get challenged in the first round because no matter what is going on with the Spurs, they are still the Spurs. The hottest team in the NBA gets hot heading into the playoffs as the Sixers grabbed the 3 seed in the east which means a first round match-up against the Heat. Let’s see if Spo and the boys have enough in the tank to stop them. For me, this is the best set of first round match-ups in YEARS. I’ll tell you what, though. If my Knicks were in the playoffs ALL of these other teams would be scared to death. Let’s get to our picks and we will see you all in Round 2!