New in Theaters – 1/27/17

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The human race’s last hope against apocalyptic obliteration is super soldier Alice (Milla Jovovich), but she’s been stripped of her psychic powers. She must form alliances and rally survivors in Raccoon City for the climactic battle against the Umbrella Corporation and its ravenous hordes of the undead. This sixth installment of the video game-inspired franchise is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (AWP: Alien vs. Predator).

Scott’s Take

Paul W.S. Anderson? No thanks. I’d rather see an Alan Smithee film. Who REALLY believes that this is going to be the final Resident Evil? We can only be so lucky.

Steve’s Take

Go play the video game.


TWC-Dimension presents GOLD, a Black Bear Pictures and HWY61 production directed by Academy Award winner Stephen Gaghan (Syriana, Traffic) and produced by Teddy Schwarzman (The Imitation Game, All is Lost) for Black Bear Pictures and Michael Nozik (Syriana, The Motorcycle Diaries) for HWY61. Directed by Academy Award winner Stephen Gaghan (TRAFFIC, SYRIANA), the film stars Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey (INTERSTELLAR, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET) and Golden Globe nominees Edgar Ramirez (HANDS OF STONE, THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN) and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Scott’s Take

Gold feels like a film I have seen over and over, especially from Matthew McConaughey. No. Thank. You.

Steve’s Take

Check out Steve’s review here!

A Dog’s Purpose

“A Dog’s Purpose” shares the soulful and surprising story of one devoted dog who finds the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he teaches to laugh and love.

Scott’s Take

Going into A Dog’s Purpose, everyone should know that the film is a schmaltzy vehicle designed for the sole purposes of generating “oh’s and ah’s” from the crowd and of course, manufacturing tears. Anyone that takes umbrage with this clearly hasn’t seen the film’s trailers. Being an unabashed dog lover, I enjoyed A Dog’s Purpose exactly for the aforementioned qualities that the film embraces rather than shy away from. Kids are going to LOVE this film. Uniquely, the movie’s narrative is supplied by Bailey the Dog as he navigates through his many lives searching for a purpose. Take the kids and bring Kleenex. (3 stars out of 5 stars)

Steve’s Take

I missed the screening, but this is one that has been on my radar.

Next Week

I’m going with A Dog’s Purpose for my pick of the week. Next week we have Rings, the sequel to The Ring and The Space Between Us. Have a great weekend everyone.