New in Theaters – 3/4/16

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The modern mammal metropolis of Zootopia is a city like no other. Comprised of habitat neighborhoods like ritzy Sahara Square and frigid Tundratown, it’s a melting pot where animals from every environment live together-a place where no matter what you are, from the biggest elephant to the smallest shrew, you can be anything. But when rookie Officer Judy Hopps (voice of Ginnifer Goodwin) arrives, she discovers that being the first bunny on a police force of big, tough animals isn’t so easy. Determined to prove herself, she jumps at the opportunity to crack a case, even if it means partnering with a fast-talking, scam-artist fox, Nick Wilde (voice of Jason Bateman), to solve the mystery. Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Zootopia,” a comedy-adventure directed by Byron Howard (“Tangled,” “Bolt”) and Rich Moore (“Wreck-It Ralph,” “The Simpsons”) and co-directed by Jared Bush (“Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero”), opens in theaters on March 4, 2016. Officer Judy Hopps (voice of Ginnifer Goodwin), the very first bunny on Zootopia’s police force, jumps at the opportunity to crack her first case-even if it means partnering with fast-talking, scam-artist fox Nick Wilde (voice of Jason Bateman) to solve the mystery.

Scott’s Take

Zootopia looks absolutely fantastic. It looks like Disney has another HUGE hit on their hands. Oh by the way, this one sits at a pristine 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with over 65 reviews. This is the one I will be checking out this weekend.

Steve’s Take

This one is going to be a monster at the box office. My son is going to absolutely eat it up and you know what that means? That means a lot of toy shopping for me. I’m going to be more broke than Kanye West.

London Has Fallen

The sequel to the worldwide smash hit “Olympus Has Fallen.” The story begins in London, where the British Prime Minister has passed away under mysterious circumstances. His funeral is a must-attend event for leaders of the western world. However, what starts out as the most protected event on Earth turns into a deadly plot to kill the world’s most powerful leaders, devastate every known landmark in the British capital, and unleash a terrifying vision of the future. Only three people have any hope of stopping it: the President of the United States (Aaron Eckhart), his formidable Secret Service head (Gerard Butler), and an English MI-6 agent who rightly trusts no one. (C) Focus

Scott’s Take

I hated, hated, hated, Olympus Has Fallen. It made my year end “worst list” and I expect London Has Fallen to be no different. Since Steve has roped me in to attending numerous Adam Sandler screenings, he went out and took one for the team on this one. From what I hear, he really enjoyed it. I’ll let him steer you from here on out. I have been permanently tainted when it comes to this would be franchise.

Steve’s Take

Check out Steve’s review here!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

SNL alumni Tina Fey steps into the well worn shoes of journalist Kim Barker in Paramount Pictures’ adaptation of Barker’s memoir The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which details her years as a reporter in Pakistan and Afghanistan beginning in 2002.

Scott’s Take

I am at the point where I will watch anything Mrs. Fey is attached too. She absolutely blew me away in Sisters, which in my opinion was last years funniest comedy. I am all over this one.

Steve’s Take

I missed the screening for this one as I was tied up moving, but I am all in on WTF.

Knights of Cup

Knight of Cups follows writer Rick (Christian Bale, The Fighter, American Hustle) on an odyssey through the playgrounds of Los Angeles and Las Vegas as he undertakes a search for love and self. Even as he moves through a desire-laden landscape of mansions, resorts, beaches and clubs, Rick grapples over complicated relationships with his brother (Wes Bentley) and father (Brian Dennehy). His quest to break the spell of his disenchantment takes him on a series of adventures with six alluring women: rebellious Della (Imogen Poots); his physician ex-wife, Nancy (Cate Blanchett); a serene model Helen (Freida Pinto); a woman he wronged in the past Elizabeth (Natalie Portman); a spirited, playful stripper Karen (Teresa Palmer); and an innocent Isabel (Isabel Lucas), who helps him see a way forward. Rick moves in a daze through a strange and overwhelming dreamscape — but can he wake up to the beauty, humanity and rhythms of life around him? The deeper he searches, the more the journey becomes his destination. The 7th film from director Terrence Malick (The Thin Red Line, Tree of Life), Knight of Cups (the title refers to the Tarot card depicting a romantic adventurer guided by his emotions) offers both a vision of modern life and an intensely personal experience of memory, family, and love. Knight of Cups is produced by Nicolas Gonda, Sarah Green and Ken Kao. Prominent crew includes cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki (Gravity, Birdman), production designer Jack Fisk, costume designer Jacqueline West, and composer Hanan Townshend (To The Wonder). The film’s ensemble cast also includes Antonio Banderas, Cherry Jones and Armin Mueller-Stahl.

Scott’s Take

Love him or hate him, one you can say about the reclusive Terrance Malick is that all his films are a must watch and most always feature Oscar worthy cinematography. Add on that fact that cinematographer Emmanuel Lebezki (who has won 68 Oscars in a row) did the cinematography on Knights of Cup and you can guarantee I will be in attendance for this one. Not surprisingly, Knights of Cup sits at 51% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Steve’s Take


The Other Side of the Door

A family lives an idyllic existence abroad until a tragic accident takes the life of their young son. The inconsolable mother learns of an ancient ritual that will bring him back to say a final goodbye. She travels to an ancient temple, where a door serves as a mysterious portal between two worlds. But when she disobeys a sacred warning to never open that door, she upsets the balance between life and death.

Scott’s Take

Wow does The Other Side of the Door look strange. Those of you who know me know that I am all over horror movies. This one is not different. Count Scott in.

Steve’s Take

One that I will be in on if I can find the time.

Next Week

Look for Zootopia to dominate the box office this week with London Has Fallen also pulling in a pretty penny. Next week we have J.J. Abrams 10 Cloverfield Lane and the very strange looking The Brothers Grimsby. Have a great weekend everyone.