New in Theaters – 4/1/16

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God’s Not Dead 2

A high-school teacher (Melissa Joan Hart) fights for the right to discuss Jesus in her public classroom. This sequel to the 2014 faith-based box office hit God’s Not Dead also stars Jesse Metcalfe, David A.R. White and Ray Wise.

Scott’s Take

I hated, hated, hated God’s Not Dead. Not because of it’s subject matter, but because it had shoddy production values. God’s Not Dead looks no different. Go to church, then go see Batman v Superman.

Steve’s Take

God’s Not Dead 2 is not something I would go see in theaters. I might check it out when it comes to cable. I actually think this one would make a better horror movie than what it actually is. Do NOT take this as a hit on religion, but this movie seems to take a page from Miracle on 34th Street with the whole trial thing they’ve got going in. Let me know what you think!

Meet the Blacks

After obtaining a great deal of money, the patriarch (Mike Epps) of a black family decides they should move from Chicago to a posh neighborhood in Beverly Hills. However, they are soon terrorized by home intruders who want them out of the affluent community in this comedic spoof of the Purge films. Zulay Henao, George Lopez, Mike Tyson, and Charlie Murphy co-star. Directed by Deon Taylor.

Scott’s Take

This is actually the first time I’m hearing anything about Meet the Blacks. I love the talent involved, so it’s a movie I will check out at some point.

Steve’s Take

What in the hell? Absolutely not. I can deal with Mike Epps, but I cannot stand George Lopez. Also, what is up with this purge thing happening in this one.

Next Week

It looks like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has another week to capitalize on the lack of competition despite the lukewarm reviews. Next week we have The Boss with Melissa McCarthy and the first person shooter/video game-esque Hardcore Henry. Have a great weekend everyone.