New on Netflix – March 2016

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Hey all – Steve here. It is that time again. Another month is gone and we have some more new stuff on Netflix as well as some stuff leaving. We’ve got several good ones hitting the Netflix screen this month. Let’s get right to it.


March 1

“Adult Beginners” (2015)
“Ahora o Nunca” (2015)
“Aldnoah.Zero: Season 2
“American Pie Presents: Beta House” (2007)
“American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile” (2006)
“Before We Go” (2015)
“Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland” (2016)
“El Desconocido” (2015)
“Fresh Meat: Series 2
“Frog Kingdom” (2013)
“Good Burger” (1997) – Kids ate this one up back in the day – no pun intended. Whatever comedy was actually in this one seems as though it is dead and gone. Check it out for old-times sake if you’d like.
“Groundhog Day” (1993) – Who doesn’t LOVE this movie? Bill Murray. He’s great. I could watch this one over and over again – you know, kinda like the movie. See what I did there? Yup. If you’ve never seen Groundhog day I really don’t know what you could possibly be waiting for. Go watch it NOW!
“Heaven Knows What” (2015)
“Hot Sugar’s Cold World” (2015)
“Midsomer Murders: Series 17
“Narcopolis” (2015)
“Road Trip: Beer Pong” (2009)
“Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” (1991)
“Scarface” (1983) – I highlight this one because it is a no-brainer.
“Star Trek: The Motion Picture” (1979)
“Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” (1982)
“The Young Kieslowski” (2014)

March 2

“For Grace” (2015)

March 4

“House of Cards”: Season 4 (2016) (Netflix Original) – This is the big boy of the month, my friends. If you’ve never seen House of Cards you need to get caught up now. This is not a debate. You need to watch it and get it done now. Take a few days off from work and make it happen. You can send your thank you emails to me directly. You’re welcome.
“Lab Rats”: Season 4
“Lego Friends: The Power of Friendship” (2016) (Netflix Original)
“Lego: Bionicle: The Journey to One”: Season 1 (2016) (Netflix Original)
“Louie”: Season 5

March 7

“Cuckoo”: Seasons 1-2 (Netflix Original)
“Halo: The Fall of Reach
“Sin Filtro” (2016)

March 8

“Digimon Fusion: Season 2

March 9

“The Returned”: Season 1

March 10

“Comedy Bang! Bang!”: Season 4, part 3
“Hateship Loveship” (2013)

March 11

“Dinotrux”: Season 2 (Netflix Original)
“Flaked”: Season 1 (Netflix Original)
“Netflix Presents: The Characters”: Season 1
“Popples”: Season 2 (Netflix Original)

March 12

“Shelter” (2015)

March 15

“10,000 Saints” (2015)
“4GOT10” (2015)
“The Falling” (2015)
“Final Girl” (2015)
“Finders Keepers” (2015)
“Power Rangers Dino Charge: Season 1, part 2
“War Pigs” (2015)

March 16

“Are You Here” (2014)
“Charlie St. Cloud” (2010)
“Gridiron Gang” (2006)
“Happy Valley”: Season 2 (Netflix Original)
“Larry Crowne” (2011)
“Promised Land” (2012)

March 18

“He Never Died” (2015)
“Jimmy Carr: Funny Business” (2016) (Netflix Original)
“Marvel’s Daredevil”: Season 2 (Netflix Original) – Here is another big boy for the month. It isn’t bigger than House of Cards, but people have been waiting on this one to come back as well. You have a nice buffer between House of Cards and Daredevil, so I don’t want to hear any excuses.
“The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show”: Season 2 (Netflix Original)
“My Beautiful Broken Brain” (2016) (Netflix Original)
“Pee-wee’s Big Holiday” (2016) (Netflix Original) – Are you bleepin’ kidding me? Who is going to watch this? I can’t imagine sitting down to watch this when there are so many great shows and movies out there. Just stop it.

March 22

“The Art of Organized Noize” (2016)
“The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death” (2015)

March 24

“The Forbidden Kingdom” (2008)
“A Promise” (2013)

March 25

“Trailer Park Boys”: Season 10 (Netflix Original)
“Veggietales in the House”: Season 3 (Netflix Original)

March 31

“Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation” (2007)
“Fright Night 2” (2013)
“Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie and Tupac Murders” (2015)
“Sunshine Superman” (2015)
“Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time” (2011)
“Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal”: Seasons 1-2


March 1

“Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman” (2000)
“American Pie” (1999)
“American Wedding” (2003)
“Atlantis: The Lost Empire” (2001)
“The Babysitters” (2007)
“The Chosen One” (2010)
“Down and Out in Beverly Hills” (1986)
“Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights” (1992)
“Gone in 60 Seconds” (2000)
“Hackers” (1995)
“Hamlet” (1990)
“Hannie Caulder” (1971)
“Hardball” (2001)
“Hart’s War” (2002)
“Hitch” (2005)
“Indecent Proposal” (1993)
“Johnny Dangerously” (1984)
“Jumanji” (1995)
“Masters of the Universe” (1987)
“Men in Black II” (2002)
“The Monster Squad” (1987)
“Not Another Teen Movie” (2001)
“Paycheck” (2003)
“Switchmas” (2013)
“The United States of Leland” (2003)
“Wings” (1927)

March 2

“Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams” (2013)

March 3

“Night Catches Us” (2010)

March 4

“Getting Go: The Go Doc Project” (2013)
“Private Romeo” (2011)

March 5

“I Am Divine” (2013)

March 6

“Le Week-End” (2013)
“Refuge” (2012)

March 7

“Deadfall” (2012)

March 8

“Holidaze” (2013)

March 9

“Arn: The Knight Templar” (2007)
“The Mistle-tones!” (2012)

March 11

“Geography Club” (2013)

March 15

“The ArmaTEDdon”
“Best of TEDx: Season 1
“I Killed My Mother” (2009)
“Lola & Virginia”: Season 1
“TED Talks: Life Hack” 1-2
“TED Talks: Sex, Secrets & Love”: Season 1
“TED Talks: The Best of TEDx in Español”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Ancient Clues”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Animal Voices”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Artistry and Illusion”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Beasts, Bugs & Bio-wilderment”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Body By Design”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Brave Neuro World”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Building Wonder”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Chew On This”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Cyber Awe”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Defying Disease”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Global Villages”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Head Games”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Hot Buttons”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: How to Start a Movement”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Humanity’s Future”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Inexplicable Connections”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Into the Abyss”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Let Your Mind Wonder”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Life Lessons & Confessions”: Season 1-2
“TEDTalks: Love, No Matter What”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Music Revolution”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Numbers Speak Louder than Words”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Rad Invention”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Rebel Design”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Robotic Machinations”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Smart Laughs”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: Space Trek”: Season 1
“TEDTalks: The Capitalism Paradox”: Season 1
“Waste Land” (2010)

March 17

“Elegy” (2008)

March 18

“Cosmopolis” (2012)
“Music For Mandela” (2013)
“Out in the Dark” (2012)
“Side Effects” (2013)

March 23

“Keep the Lights On” (2012)

March 26

“The Comedy” (2012)

March 28

“Gayby” (2012)

March 31

“Dr. Dolittle 3” (2006)
“Garfield’s Pet Force” (2009)
“The Sandlot 2” (2005)
“Twelve Mile Road” (2003)
“Women Who Kill” (2012)
“The Writers’ Room”: Season 1