Nuttz About Sportz – 7/8/13

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by The SportzNutt,

Well, here we are, at the beginning of summer, and what does that mean? To me, it means swimming, barbecues and the start of the Fantasy Football Season. Now, some of you are thinking to yourselves that the season doesn’t even start for another two months, why should I even bother with any players until then? My reply to you is that I want you in my fantasy leagues, because if you haven’t started studying, you’re doomed to fail. Fortunately for you, I’m here to give you a little lesson (or perhaps you can teach meJ) and a preview of what to expect from Fantasy Football 2013.

For this weeks areticle, I am going to go into a live mock draft and write about it as I pick my players. I want to see what others are thinking and figure out how it meshes with my thoughts. Should I take a RB with my first pick? Or a WR? How about a QB? From what I’ve heard on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio, the station that I religiously listen to on a daily basis, there are a LOT of QB’s this season, WR depth is bigger than other years and RB are a key to success this year. Almost all of the drafts I’ve heard have been RB-heavy in the first round. And it makes sense too, since, especially in PPR leagues, one will get a point per reception, as well as rushing yards…..RB do both. That all being said, I’m going to try and hold off to taking a QB until midway through the draft. I see myself taking a RB in the first and possibly the second rounds, and then some WR. If I can wind up with Matt Ryan as my QB, I’ll be happy. In a PPR league, I may try and sneak in a Jimmy Graham pick early, since he is by far the best TE (thus far) in all of football, and having him would be a HUGE advantage over any other player in that position.

So, off I go to an online random number generator to select my position in a draft that is upcoming. I’m going to go to a 10 team draft (the easiest in fantasy football) and see what’s what. Here goes……#4. I think I’ll be getting a top RB here….perhaps Doug Martin falls to me, or maybe even Jamaal Charles. We shall see.

Note: Non-PPR league. I will only play in PPR leagues throughout any season, but for now, it’s not. According to Yahoo, the 4th ranked player is Jamaal Charles.

Anyways, here goes nothing. I’m not going to comment on many other picks, but I will try and go through my thoughts too.

Round 1:​ Could have drafted Charles, but I thought I’d fish a bit and go after CJ Spiller. He is dynamite, now that he’s the starter, and I don’t yet trust the KC offense, even with Alex Smith. Looks like I’m not the only one, as Charles went 7th. My next pick is coming up, and, according to the rankings, I’m slated to get Steven Jackson. We shall see.

Round 2: ​Trent Richardson was JUST drafted before me…..damn. So now I shall draft WR Brandon Marshall. Tons of TD, tons of yards, tons of points for me. I hope he keeps it up.It’s funny how one pick can change your entire draft. If Richardson isn’t picked by the guy ahead of me, I have 2 studRB and am looking at sleeper WR. Now, I only have one, and I need a second to step up. Pick number 3 is arriving shortly.

Round 3:​ Could have had MJD here, but he’s a gamble this season IMO (at least in July). So I went with a QB…..yes a QB…..who scores TD via the ground. Almost like a RB, Cam Newton will score through the air and the ground. I’m happy thus far with my picks.

Round 4:​ No good enough RB at this spot yet, so I went with another stud WR for this year…..Drew Brees’ favorite target in Marques Colston. If/when healthy, he will produce, and as my WR2, I can live with some unpredictability with him. I think I’ll wrap up my WR position with another scorer next and then go RB in Round 6…….

Round 5:​ Hold up…..that was then and this is now. A very good RB2, who would be even better in a PPR league, made himself available here… I had to take him: the newest Detroit Lion, Reggie Bush. Love this pick, even more in a PPR league, but I can live with him as my RB2. Since I would have to wait awhile for my next pick, I reached a bit for a RB, because I don’t want BenJarvus Green-Ellis as my RB2.

Round 7:​ Went with David Wilson here. He does have the same Bye Week as Bush, but I will still be drafting another RB at some point in this draft (you can never have too many).

Round 8:​ Going with a player I HATE to have on my team, but I’d only need him for 9 weeks to be healthy, and that’s Ryan Matthews. There, that’s 4 RB on my team, all of which have the potential to rush for 1000 yards. Time to round out my TE and WR spots.

Round 9:​ Greg Jennings was taken JUST before me, so I took a shot at my WR3 on a rookie…..Mr. Tavon Austin of the St. Louis Rams…’s hoping he’s more substance than hype. I need some depth though.

Round 10:​ Stevie Johnson as my WR4! He had over 1000 yards last season, while injured, and he has new quarterbacks throwing him the ball. Always believed he was an under-rated receiver. Let’s see what’s available next pick…..either a TE, or I continue with depth at both positions. I will not draft DEF or K until my final two picks.

Round 11:​ Josh Gordon…..big play ability and he has a ton of potential. Really would like a RB with my next pick, but nothing looks good at that spot.

Round 12:​ Going to back up Spiller with Fred Jackson…..just in case he gets injured. Handcuffing is important in Fantasy Football. I now have 3 bench RB and 2 bench WR. My next two picks will be TE, regardless of who is available.

Round 13:​ Antonio Gates…..yuck…..I now have 2 Chargers players on my team. Ugh.

Round 14:​ Jermichael Finley…..not a fan of either TE on my team. I would try to trade one for an upgrade.

Round 15:​ Not sure who to take to back up Newton. I want to take Cutler, or possibly my boy Josh Freeman, but I’m going on a limb and taking: Ryan Tannehill! I’ve read reports that he will be a huge breakout star this year, and in a 10 team league where guys like Cutler, Bradford and Freeman are still there after the draft, I think I’ll be fine. That being said, I’m going to be bold here and draft………

Round 16:​ Zac Stacy with my final pick….moreso for the sake of picking one of my sleepers this season.

Anything missing? Oh yea, a DEF/ST, and a K. Why didn’t I do that? Well, I looked at the remaining players as well as the number of position players I had, and I thought to myself, am Ian active player? Yes. Do I like to make trades? Yes. So, why not actively try and package a few 2 for 1 trades in order to free up roster space for a DEF/ST and a K by the beginning of the season…bold move, I know, and not highly recommended (I’ve never done it myself), but it’s something I wouldn’t mind trying in a real (non-money) league.

Anyways, here is my 10 team non-PPR league team:

QB – Newton, Tennehill

RB – Spiller, Bush, Wilson, Mathews, Jackson, Stacy

WR – Marshall, Colston, Austin, Johnson, Gordon

TE – Gates, Finley



Thoughts? I came in with one strategy, and ended up going with another. When drafting, I find that’s a necessary skill, since not every player will be taken where you think they should/could go. I like my depth at most positions, but hate my TE. That can be fixed.

What are your thoughts? Sometimes second opinions are better than mine.

And there you have it.