Nuttz About Sportz – 11/4/13

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The Sportz Nutt is back with a brand new column this week. Stay Calm and Enjoy. Yes, it has been awhile, hasn’t it? I’ve been a rather busy man around here…..we’ve had our holiday Thanksgiving, I’ve had my brother-in-law move in for awhile, I’ve been at work late many days and we’ve had birthday after birthday after birthday here. Very family oriented here…..and I can’t complain. Nonetheless, I am here now, and so is my new column. What a wild week it’s been, so let’s get started.

Your 2013 World Series Champions are your 2012 cellar dwellers from the AL East……the Boston Red Sox. Everything seemed to have come together for them this year, with clutch hitting, solid starting pitching, good defense and maybe even a little luck. The best part of the entire World Series was how crazy the endings for two of the games were.

In Game 3, we had this ending:

In Game 4, we had this ending:

Both are incredible in their own right. On the one hand, once Middlebrooks moved his legs the second time around, he was committed to his decision to either obstruct the runner or (awkwardly) stand up. It was the right call by Jim Joyce. On the other hand, to have a game end because you are either caught sleeping at first, or the pickoff move by the pitcher is too sneaky is unacceptable. So I ask you, the readers, which ending was your favorite and furthermore, which ending was crazier?

In Week  9 of the NFL, I saw 3 INCREDIBLE touchdowns. Unfortunately, I don’t have any links for you to view, but once I do find them, I will try and post a link in the comments section. Jimmy Graham’s touchdown where he pulled the defender many yards, Adrian Peterson’s touchdown rumble where he refused to go down without scoring, and LeGarrett Blount’s explosion late in the game all were definite highlight worthy touchdowns. And after all of that, I haven’t even touched upon an even crazier ending, which happened on Thursday night when a game ended because of a safety touch in overtime. Third time in NFL History, it was an exciting finish to say the least.

What a week, eh?

The NHL season is really starting to kick into full swing. Thus far, there are some very VERY good teams and some very VERY bad teams, but either way, it’s been an exciting season. Already we’ve seen two of the craziest goals you’ll ever lay witness to. Here they are:


Is it a coincidence that both players were Los Angeles Kings last season? I’m just sayin’……as a Ducks fan that is. Speaking of my Ducks, they are off to a fantastic start, despite the injuries, and I only hope they continue.  I still can’t believe that the Colorado Avalanche have lost only once, and surrendered only 19 goals in 13 games played. Patrick Roy has done an unbelievable job with a team that finished with 16 wins all of last season. The Pacific Division looks to be the most competitive thus far as there are four teams with more points than any team in the Atlantic Division. Finally, it’s hard to decide which team has underachieved more, either the Oilers or the Flyers. Both teams have the talent available, but they both just haven’t been able to win with any consistency. I would argue that they both are better than, say, the Nashville Predators, who, somehow, have 16 points with their superstar goalie Rinne watching from the press box. I don’t know what the future holds for either franchise.

Finally, I need to address something. It’s an issue that has been bothering me for months now. It is the CST Fantasy Football Draft. Now, I want to get something off of my chest here. It is………the frustration of EVERY……SINGLE……DECISION……I……MAKE……COMING…….BACK…….TO……..

BITE……..ME……..IN……THE………BUTT! Take this week for instance. I start Ryan Mathews and Darren McFadden, following their performances last week and the fact that they are playing mediocre defenses. So, I plug them in, and stay away from Stacy, whose snaps will be limited against a very good defense. What happens? Mathews gets benched, McFadden gets injured and Stacy goes off and scores twice.

Now, I’m not saying going into each week I’ve made every good decision known to man. Not even close, but I’ve had my fair share of bad luck. I think I’ve been the second-third highest scorer for the week on two separate occasions, yet lost that week. Am I bitter? You bet!!!! Am I upset? You bet!!! Am I having fun? Hell yea……that’s the nature of fantasy sports. It’s not just about you, but also your opponent. It happens. All I wanted to do here was let you know I’m not giving up.

And there you have it.