Ralph Can Think Of 3 Reasons Why Jeter Running The Marlins Is Not A Good Thing

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Pretty much the whole time Jeffrey Loria has been the owner of the Florida/Miami Marlins, fans have hated him. From the puzzling trades, to his inability to spend money, Loria will not be remembered for his time in Miami (positively, at least). The thought of anyone buying the team from Loria sounds amazing in retrospect. Most Marlins fans would agree, literally anyone would be an upgrade over Loria. I’ve been a causal Marlins fan since 2009 (Yankees fan for life) and I’ve seen how much people despise Loria and his management.

When I heard that the team led by Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter were purchasing the Marlins, I was thrilled. To start, Derek Jeter puts a great face to the Marlins. He is one of the classiest, and most respectful guys to ever play the game. Plastering Jeter’s face in the media should put a positive spin on things for the time being. Also, he is taking down the hideous home-run sculpture, which is long overdue. Marlins Park will look better after it’s removal. Talking about the rest of the investing group, they seem to be fine. I don’t know most of them, so I can’t really break down their contributions.

All of that being said, I’m not so sure that these are the right people to run the Marlins. Yes, in the long run, this is a better option than Loria, but hear me out. Here’s three reasons why a Derek Jeter run Marlins will fail:

1.They have no money.

The sale of the Marlins took forever. I believe the duration of the transaction took over 6 months, which is absurd. Generally, sales takes days, and sometimes weeks. My point of saying all this, is that Jeter/Sherman took forever to get the money, which is not good for a ownership team. Fans will expect new players and upgrades to the team, but I’ve heard that they will slash the payroll. That’s unacceptable since this Marlins team is a few starting pitchers away from being a serious contender in the NL. Marlins fans are used to the payroll being slashed and players traded away. If I was Jeter, I would get ahead of the situation and start with some good will with the fans, not do the exact same thing that Loria used to do. I understand that it’s a business, but this is a deal-breaker for a lot of Marlin fans.

2.Derek Jeter has no front office experience.

I understand why people love the choice of Jeter running things for the Marlins. He was the model MLB player in his time, and treated the game with a lot of respect. Ideally, people are hoping that his playing habits will translate well into the other side of the game. I believe that it won’t. He has no experience with the skills that it takes to run a team. What he should’ve done is take a few years to gain experience from other front office executives and learn.

3.Jeter/Sherman want to trade Giancarlo Stanton.

In order to cut payroll, I’ve heard (not confirmed) that the new ownership wants to trade Giancarlo Stanton. Next year, Stanton is set to make 25 million dollars, and 298 million in the next 10 years. I understand that it’s a lot of money, and trading him would “save” the team money, but Stanton is one of the best players in the league. Also, players are starting to sign for a lot more, so his contract will be very affordable compared to players like Aaron Judge and Mike Trout in a few years.

It’s an overall positive that Jeffrey Loria is out, but I don’t think these guys will do a good job. If they do turn the team around, it’ll take awhile. Jeter doesn’t have the experience, and the team doesn’t have the money right now to make major improvements.