RALPH Chimes In With His Top 10 of 2017

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My favorite movies of 2017 are finally here! I know you’re just reading to see if my list is similar to yours (otherwise it sucks, and is wrong), but I sincerely hope you enjoy my list. I believe I’ve found the right balance between my favorite movies, and the best movies.

This year’s list was tough to make, as 2017 gave us dozens and dozens of deserving movies. So much so, that I feel the need to give some honorable mentions to the films that missed the cut. Here they are:




Call Me By Your Name




Wind River


Get Out


The Post


The Disaster Artist


The Big Sick




10. “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2”

While it’s problems are apparent (too many jokes, choppy storytelling at times), I really connect with this movie. All of the Guardians have equal time to shine, and the soundtrack makes for a great experience. This is the first MCU movie that has a truly beautiful ending.


9.“Blade Runner: 2049”

“Blade Runner: 2049” is fantastic. Surprised its only number nine on my list? Don’t be. This is a fantastic piece of art by Director Denis Villenueve that deserves to be seen by everyone.


8.“Brigsby Bear”

“Brigsby Bear” is the best Mark Hamill movie of 2017. No, that’s not a jab at “The Last Jedi”, but rather a fact. This movies story is well thought out, surprisingly touching, and refreshingly original. While the main characters journey isn’t exactly normal, the lessons he learns are relatable.


7. “The Florida Project”

As a Florida native, it was nice to see an obscure part of my state shown. Orlando is well known, but not the area the films main characters live in. “The Florida Project” tells a grounded, beautiful story about people who have had a rough life. The film takes itself seriously, yet there are many moments of pure beauty and happiness. This isn’t my favorite movie of the year, but I had the best time in a theater in 2017 watching “The Florida Project”.


6. “Lady Bird”

If you know me, you know the coming-of-age genre is my favorite type of movie. The Greta Gerwig/Saoirse Ronan teen comedy tells the story of Christine ‘Lady Bird’ McPherson, and her journey to discovering how life works. I personally think this is the best teenage based movie of the year, and better than last year’s “Edge Of Seventeen”.


5. “Logan”

I had a tough time choosing between my number five and number four movies (which are both Marvel movies), which speaks to the quality of this movie. “Logan” is the best Fox X-Men movie (better than “Deadpool”), and the second-best Comic Book movie of 2017. It’s the perfect ending to Jackman’s Wolverine, and I hope he keeps the claws retired.


4. “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

Spider-Man is my favorite comic book character, and Marvel/Sony’s team up could not have done the character more justice. This coming-of-age superhero blockbuster has the perfect blend of action, comedy, and teenage moments. Tom Holland is the best Peter Parker/Spider-Man we’ve had, and while the movie isn’t better than Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 2”, it’s mighty close.


3. “Columbus”

If you have not seen Koganda’s “Columbus”, you are missing out. It touches upon how to deal with anxiety, stress, and relationships while also telling a beautiful, heartbreaking story of two character stories who happen to intercept. When the two main characters are just talking about life and their problems is when the movie is at its best. “Columbus” is a hauntingly beautiful tale of life that deserves to be seen.


2. “The Shape Of Water”

Overall, just a beautiful love story between a fish and a woman. Yes, that sounds weird. Just go with it. Guillermo del Toro’s take on this romance is an experience that deserves to be seen on the big screen. If you have the chance, don’t rent this on VOD, see it in theaters.


1. “Baby Driver”

If you know me, you know that Edgar Wright is one of my favorite directors. “Baby Driver” felt like it was made for me due to the music, the action, the main character, and the style. Leaving this film, I got everything I wanted and more. This will be a movie that I show people ten to twenty years from now.