Ralph Previews The Heat and Hawks

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While the Hawks are only 1-2, they’ve played better than expected. Denis Schroder has played like an all star, and the rest of the group has scored at an above average rate. However, defense has been far and few.

As for the Heat, they sit at 1-1 with a bad road loss to Orlando and an expected home win vs Indiana. They won on Saturday without Hassan Whiteside (knee bruise), and are expected to play without him for the time being. Chris Paul has the same injury, and is confirmed to be out for month, as an example.

I’ve picked Miami to win their first two games, and tonight is no exception. The Hawks aren’t going anywhere this year, while Miami looks to compete in a weak Eastern conference. Three point shooting will be huge tonight. Look for Miami to take advantage of the Hawks weak perimeter defense. Specifically Dion Waiters and Kelly Olynyk.

Atlanta is playing without Denis Schroder tonight (ankle), and that is the final nail in the coffin. The Hawks are still trying to get used to life without Paul Millsap, so not having Schroder will likely mean offensive struggles. Kent Bazemore and Ersan Ilyasova will be the main offensive options.

Prediction: Miami shoots 50+% from downtown and Dion Waiters has 30 points. The Hawks should keep it close in the first half, but Miami will pull away in the third quarter.

Miami wins 110-95.