Ralph Reviews FLASH Season 4 Episode 1

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When this show first started back in 2014, it was my favorite comic book show of all time. Sure, “Daredevil” hadn’t premiered yet, but the show was leaps and bounds better than all the comic book tv content. The show was full of life, had interesting villains, and Blake Neely’s electric score made the show worth a watch. Three years later, the show has unfortunately fell into a slump. Season 2 was above average, but Season 3 was hard to watch at points. Savitar as a villain was underwhelming, and the direction of the show went away from what worked. Going into Season 4, I hope the show returns to its roots and becomes a joyful, bright hour of television.

The episode, while not great, still was a positive one for me. For most of the episode, Barry was not around, yet I still found myself enjoying it. Barry not being in a majority of the Episode was a concern for me going in, but Team Flash kept me entertained the whole time. Wally as Central City’s flash worked, and his relationship with Cisco seemed like a show that could work on its own.

When (spoiler) Barry returned, that’s what dragged the episode down for me. His arc with the memory loss and crazy symbols on the wall was goofy, and frankly beneath the show. None of it fit with what the show has done in the past. I wouldn’t have minded the foolishness if his unusual behavior was explained, but his return to normal activity just happened. The show treated us (the audience) poorly, and I didn’t appreciate that.

The episode does a good job of establishing the new joyful tone for Season 4, but is dragged down by Barry’s arc. I would recommend seeing where this Season goes from here.

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