Ralph Reviews The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1 (SPOILERS)

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I have a suspicion that the mainstream audience will have a hard time accepting this episode. The director of this episode (Greg Nicotero) has used Non-Linear storytelling in the past three Season premieres, including this one. My gut feeling is that people won’t like the flashbacks that delayed the eventual death(s) because it’s not a common tool in Television.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan makes this premiere with his performance as Negan. He first kills Abraham, and then Glenn. Abe’s death was brutal, yet not as emotionally gut punching as Glenn’s. I still like the choice of killing Abraham because it fills the audience and the characters with lots of fear and vengeance towards Negan. That being said, the death of Glenn was devastating. It was gory, visually spectacular, and the makeup on his death face was some of Nicotero’s best work.


Going back to Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, I loved how he messed with Rick this episode. As much hate as I have for him, he’s a really entertaining character. His psycho sense of humor really separates him from most Villains. It really is great news for the show because the Villains have been lackluster ever since the Governor’s arc ended.

Throughout most of the footage, a lot of it is told from Rick’s point of view. Audience members felt how he was feeling. Rick Grimes lost all of his power and might in about twenty minutes. This worked for me because it seems like the right time for Rick to have another arc. Ever since Season 5 started, he’s had the same feeling of might, and power.

There is a case to be made that Abraham’s death didn’t mean a lot, because we haven’t known him that long. Besides having minor doubts about that, my negatives are basically non-existent. This is exactly what the show needed to start the season. There haven’t been many important character deaths in the past few seasons, so I’m glad that the show kept us reminded that our group isn’t safe.

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